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What is auto scaling?

Learn more about how Convesio does autoscaling here: https://convesio.com/features/auto-scaling-wordpress/

Auto scaling is a feature that helps you manage the capacity of your computing resources, such as servers or databases, based on demand. This means that if your application or website becomes very popular and gets a lot of traffic, auto scaling can automatically add more resources to handle the increased load. On the other hand, if traffic decreases, auto scaling can remove resources to save you money.

Imagine you own a small bakery and your website allows customers to place orders online. On a typical day, you might receive a few orders per hour and your current resources (e.g., servers, databases) are sufficient to handle this workload. However, one day a food critic writes a glowing review of your bakery and suddenly you receive hundreds of orders in just a few hours. Without auto scaling, your website might become slow or even crash because there are not enough resources to handle the sudden increase in traffic. With auto scaling, you can set rules that automatically add more resources when needed, so your website can continue to function smoothly and serve your customers.

Auto scaling can help you save money by only using the resources you need when you need them. It can also improve the performance and availability of your application or website by ensuring that there are enough resources to handle the workload.

To learn more about making auto scaling work for WordPress, read this article on Convesio’s auto scaling features.

Updated on August 9, 2023

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