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The trusted marketing partner for WordPress and WooCommerce businesses

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Ellipses is the marketing agency for WordPress and WooCommerce product businesses. They are consultative partner for their clients, working to create sustainable growth.
 As leaders in marketing and WordPress, they help product businesses identify and execute marketing channels that get results. We typically start with a marketing audit, and then move to implementation, including our flagship SEO Content service, Content Growth.


They tailor solutions for your business needs based on your market, services, and target audience.

  • CMO as a Service
  • Marketing Audit & Strategy
  • Content Growth
  • Email Marketing & Automation
  • Theme/Plugin Optimization 
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Solving Our Partner's WordPress Scalability Challenges

Convesio’s Docker-based platform makes scaling WordPress easy and cost effective. 

Convesio Acquires WooCommerce Marketing Automation Platform Growmatik