OpenMetal is a leading provider of open source cloud and infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) solutions, combining the strengths of traditional public cloud, private cloud, and bare metal fused into an alternative cloud platform – all powered by OpenStack and Ceph.



OpenMetal delivers On-Demand Cloud that use an initial Cloud Core, consisting of a cluster of three dedicated servers, with a set rich compute, storage and networking features built-in. These Cloud Cores can be expanded and offer root level access to the configuration settings, but are still physically managed by OpenMetal. It is a cloud. It is just your cloud. 

This allows customers to gain the security, control, and utilization of a single tenant, private cloud environment, that is cloud native, but can still be deployed in 45 seconds and scaled with the convenience of public clouds.

The key benefits of OpenMetal On-Demand Clouds include:

  • On-Demand Private (OpenStack) Cloud. Deploy a single-tenant, private cloud environment on OpenStack Platform in 45 seconds or less. 
  • Control and Customization. Control the performance and efficiency of your own cloud by customizing the root configurations of your private cloud servers. 
  • A True Cloud Partner. Get high touch services and ongoing collaboration with cloud engineers to build new solutions.
  • Public Cloud Cost Reduction. Reduce cloud spending by more than 50% by maximizing the dedicated resources of your own private cloud vs sharing the resources of multi-tenant, public cloud environments.

A strategic member of the Open Infrastructure Foundation (OIF), OpenMetal is committed to empowering individuals – by themselves or within teams – to meaningfully contribute to the larger open source community to foster innovation that benefits all. 

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