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Scaling FAQ

How much do we charge for scaling your website?

It depends on a number of variables. Below, we answer some common questions on how scaling works and how much it will cost.

10% of the monthly rate per hour/per container. View our monthly pricing plans.

For example, if you are on a $300 a month plan, 1 container is $30/per hour, capped at the monthly rate. So, if you need it for more than 10 hours, you only pay an additional $300.

Each additional container is the same amount. So, if you need 2 additional containers for 1 hour, it’s $60.

This varies greatly based on your plan. However, in your site’s control panel, you can set the max number of containers that a site can use and disable auto scaling. 

No, we do not currently have a grace period.

No, unlike most other hosts, we don’t scale based on your plan. Instead, you can add scaling resources to your current plan, if they are needed.

No, we don’t charge any fees for simply enabling auto scaling. Fees are based on actual container/resource usage.

These go hand in hand. If you know a scaling event needs to happen, we suggest telling so, so we can put it on our Scale Ops Calendar. Then, one of our staff can watch it.

If you get caught by surprise and the site alerts you to having issues, our team will handle monitoring in real time to ensure the site is up and running.