Shahzad Hasan Joins Convesio to Lead Product Adoption

Shahzad HasanShahzad brings a wealth of technical knowledge gained working many years in the web hosting industry, and a seemingly never-ending supply of enthusiasm and energy.

His adventure in the web hosting universe began back in 2007 when he took on a Web Hosting Engineer role covering the cPanel/Joomla stack. Soon enough he was working on more challenging projects, one of which was designing the first off-the-shelf web-based registry application for a major South African hosting provider.

Over the years Shahzad has worked with several cloud technologies including HELM, HSphere, XEN, KVM, as well as Kubernetes and Docker, the leading solutions for containerization. His experience with containers is what led him to become curious about and start following Convesio.

In 2017 Shahzad joined Cloudways where he quickly established himself as a key reference point for customers. Not only could he talk the (technical) talk but frame his points and ideas in more commercial and outcome-focused contexts. This was also the time when he fell in love with WordPress.

Shahzad joins Convesio at a time when there is a growing appetite for innovative solutions to tackle performance and scaling challenges that legacy platforms have failed to address. We asked him about this specifically:

“If you look at the level of sophistication in web development today, particularly in e-commerce and e-learning, as well as WordPress’ own development roadmap with Gutenberg, it’s clear that a new generation of infrastructure solutions are needed. You can’t build the future of WordPress on tech that is 20 years old. This is why I’m very excited to be working with Convesio. The conversations I am having with customers are very different from the ones they are having with our competitors and I can sense excitement in their words too.”

Given Shahzad’s skills, experience and ability to clearly articulate complex ideas, he is the perfect fit for a role that is less about sales and more about educating customers on how the latest tech such as containerization, edge computing and performance optimization can solve their problems.

You can learn more about Shahzad on his LinkedIn profile or if you have any questions, reach out to him by email.

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