Highly-Scalable Managed WooCommerce Hosting

Convesio was built to handle large spikes in traffic. With our WooCommerce hosting plans, your online store won't shut down when a crowd turns up.

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Your WooCommerce Problems: Solved

With Convesio, hosting high-traffic, high transaction volume WooCommerce stores is easy. Compared to other WooCommerce hosting providers, we’re simply a step above.

Crash-Proof WooCommerce Hosting

Convesio was designed to handle multiple orders per second, making your eCommerce store perform well, even under huge amounts of traffic. Unlike most other WooCommerce hosting plans, our platform is built to handle tons of traffic, keeping your online store up and running around the clock.

Consistently Fast

As traffic spikes, Convesio's auto scaling technology ensures that your online store still loads quickly and that the WooCommerce plugin won't slow down or stop working. This means less lost sales and more revenue for your business.

Black Friday-Proof

Getting an unexpected surge of traffic? No problem. With our auto scaling capability, you're never caught off guard by surges in traffic. Your online store will stay up and continue processing orders.


Unlike other WooCommerce hosting providers, Convesio only charges you for the resources you actually use. This means you don't need to pay for the features of an advanced WooCommerce hosting plan unless you actually need them.


Deploying Docker Technology To Handle High-Volume WooCommerce Transactions

We host WordPress on Docker containers, which can scale to handle large transaction amounts. This means that your online store will still run well even under heavy traffic loads. It’s just one reason why we’re one of the best WooCommerce hosting providers around.

When more resources are needed, additional containers are automatically deployed to share the load and keep the WooCommerce plugin running fast. Containers can be deployed even across physical servers.


Bulletproof Your WooCommerce-Powered Online Store

A complete managed WooCommerce hosting package to host and fully support high-volume eCommerce stores. With Convesio, it’s a no brainer: we’re the best WooCommerce hosting provider around, especially when it comes to handling high amounts of traffic.

Based on our Performance Plan. Fine tuned for each WooCommerce store.

Plan Specs

• 2 GB Memory
• 4 vCPU/Single Thread
• 16 PHP Workers
• 10 GB Storage
• Load Balanced
• Distributed Cache
• ∞ Burstable
• Cloudflare Enterprise

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Milliseconds Matter When You're Selling Gold

With prices being updated every minute and global events driving demand, Melbourne Mint relies on Convesio to keep customers completing high-value transactions quickly and safely.
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Thanks to the team at Convesio, our sites are trouble free. Tom & the team have been supportive, friendly, efficient and reasonably priced.

I would highly recommend Convesio for any company that seeks dependability and friendly service.

— Ruth London, – Melbourne Mint


Get Help Configuring WooCommerce for Success

Scalable hosting makes a big difference but there's more you can do to set up a high-performance instance of WooCommerce.

Our Professional Services team can help you fine-tune the WooCommerce plugin to handle them most challenging scenarios, addressing technical, operational and security pain points that have held your store’s performance back. When it comes to WooCommerce hosting, we’re the experts.

We do this by:

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Crash-Proof Your WooCommerce Store for Black Friday

Your eCommerce store shouldn’t shut down if a crowd of shoppers turns up! If you want the best WooCommerce hosting for your online store, you need Convesio.

Need advice? Get in touch with our expert WordPress team for free advice on your WooCommerce hosting requirements.

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Request a Free Review of Your WooCommerce Store

We’ll run some tests and get back to you with a recommendation of what the next steps are to get your store performing at its best.


Request a Free Review of Your WooCommerce Store