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Convesio Partners with Monarx to Double Down on Web Security


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With the rise of cyber-attacks in recent years, online businesses have become increasingly vulnerable to these modern threats. From large-scale data breaches to targeted attacks on individual businesses, the impact of these attacks can be devastating. For the majority of online businesses, the primary line of defense against these threats is their hosting provider. Businesses expect their hosting provider to protect their sites against malicious traffic and other cyber-attacks.

Convesio has always put the security of its customers’ sites as our top priority. Our unique Docker-based hosting solution deploys each site on an individual container, providing isolation by design. Furthermore, we employ advanced technologies and methods to protect every site against malicious cyber-attacks using the most sophisticated security protocols.

Moving ahead with our mission to provide secure WordPress hosting to every website, we recently partnered with Monarx. Monarx offers intelligent solutions that detect malicious activities with impressive accuracy, mitigating them before they can cause any damage.

Brief Overview of Monarx Features

Unlike other security tools, Monarx is lightweight and does all the heavy lifting in its own cloud. This means Monarx consumes fewer server resources. The other unique feature is the ability to identify malware by its behavior, rather than by its signature. Cutting-edge malware has become more sophisticated and at times does not even leave a signature – or a signature that is detectable. Thus, the ability to trace such malware makes Monarx unique from other traditional tools.

Other features include:

Malware Scanner & Antivirus: Automatic malware scanning and real-time protection against malicious activity without putting a strain on your server.

Global Honeypot: Network of Monarx-enabled servers providing threat intelligence from around the globe.

Monarx Cloud: Hub for executing all the heavy operations to protect your site without burdening the server.

Protect RASP: Unconventional context-aware protection which integrates directly into the PHP engine.

Monarx is a cutting-edge security tool that offers several features not found in other tools. Its combination of global honeypot intelligence, malware scanning, real-time protection, and “smart” WAF makes it an ideal choice for website owners looking for maximum security.

How Convesio Customers Benefit from Monarx

Any Convesio customers who are subscribed are protected by Monarx. Convesio uses Monarx for real-time traffic monitoring and threat detection. This integration enhances our ability to identify malicious activities with a higher success rate and allows us to take preventive measures proactively to mitigate potential threats.

Website security is no longer an option for online businesses. Security threats and data breaches can cause serious financial damage as well as raise questions about business credibility. Therefore, it is important to invest in a secure hosting provider like Convesio that takes security seriously and frequently revisits it to update and enhance it.

In this Article

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