What keeps you up at night? For a lot of agency owners, it’s that ever-present anxiety that comes with managing client sites.

Imagine this: It’s late on Sunday night, and you’re relaxing on the couch with a loved one. Your phone rings and it’s that big client you scored a couple months back. Reluctantly, you take the call and it’s obvious they’re upset — they want to know why their site is down.

What keeps you up at night? For a lot of agency owners, it’s that ever-present anxiety that comes with managing client sites. And having to drop everything at a moment’s notice when a client calls, often at the worst possible times. It’s knowing that your client sites are vulnerable, and it’s that nagging worry in the back of your mind that your backups might not be working.

As the founder of Convesio, I know this anxiety all too well. A few years back, I had to find hosting for client sites that are redundant, managed backups and could scale without costing a kidney. But couldn’t find any that could make sure client sites wouldn’t go down.

So I set out to build it myself.

What I found was only a couple of providers, but they were way too expensive to put any small to medium business on at $400 a month for one site! The majority of agencies simply can’t afford that kind of high-availability redundancy. And that's why we built Convesio.

Convesio is next-generation managed WordPress hosting; the first self-healing, autoscaling, platform-as-a-service for creating and managing WordPress sites. But best of all, Convesio is designed to support the agency’s profit margins.

Why Agencies Need World-Class Managed WordPress Hosting?

When you’re managing client sites, anything less than world-class managed WordPress hosting is a disaster waiting to happen. It means your client sites are vulnerable and could break under the strain of traffic — or go down due to a single point of failure in your hosting platform.

Single points of failure happen, even across hosts using cloud infrastructure. It means any non-redundant part of a system that, if dysfunctional, can cause the entire system to fail. In the world of web hosting, this can be anything from a faulty network switch to a tree falling on a data center.

Solving Single Points of Failure in Managed WordPress Hosting

Where Convesio differs as a managed WordPress host is that it actively removes these single points of failure for high availability. Using load-balanced containers, Convesio distributes traffic to duplicate instances of WordPress, so if your site comes under a heavy load, it will be automatically replicated into additional containers to handle the load as needed. And if your site goes offline for any reason, the platform will instantly re-deploy your container.

At Convesio, we’re solving the single points of failure in WordPress. If PHP crashes, on any other WordPress hosting your website will go down as you have only one database instance. This is true, even on other cloud platforms. Another PHP spun's up if one of the instances fails. And if you have multiple instances to start with, you have no downtime at all. This is the primary way that Convesio’s WordPress hosting platform can support your agency’s profit margins.

With Convesio, Your Clients Sites Just Work

Hosting outages during an important time, such as a sales period, are unacceptable. If you’ve ever experienced downtime at the worst possible moment — Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and other important holidays, to name a few — you can trust that this will never happen with Convesio. The platform’s auto-scaling technology means that if any of your client sites are getting hammered with traffic, multiple containers will be automatically deployed to handle the load. Your client sites will never go down because of too many visitors on Black Friday. And they’ll never crash because of overloaded servers.

Convesio is more than just a managed WordPress platform to host your site. It's purpose-built systems, self-healing, auto-scaling, and practical expertise that, together, free you and your agency to focus on your clients. And ensure you don’t get late-night client calls so you can sleep soundly at night.

Tom Fanelli
Over my career, I have worked in both small business and Fortune 500 companies. I have had the honor of being a presenter for organizations like Microsoft, Intuit, Sage Software, RealPage, NARPM, NAA, and the Small Business Administration. Most recently I completed my first ebook, Infographics in Action, which teaches exactly how to create and market with infographics. Currently, I work in San Francisco and reside in the bay area with my wife and four children. Feel free to drop me a line, I would love to hear from you!
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Want faster, scalable & more reliable WordPress sites?

Convesio is not just another hosting provider. Our infrastructure was designed from the ground up for hosting high performance, scalable WordPress sites.


High Redundancy Hosting That Doesn’t Cost an Arm and a Leg

No matter how great an agency you have, if your website hosting is bad it reflects poorly on everything else you're doing. If you’ve got a client worth $50,000 a year on outdated $30 a month hosting that uses old technology, and then their site goes down, that’s going to lead to the client losing trust in you, or even leaving your agency. To say that world-class managed WordPress hosting (such as Convesio) will help your profit margins is an understatement. Quality hosting is an essential part of any agency, and Convesio delivers this at an affordable price.

Everyone is saying the same thing — uptime. But no other hosts can keep your client sites up and running, and if they can they won’t do it under hundreds of dollars a month. This kind of high availability WordPress hosting has historically cost $1,400+ months; it’s very expensive because it’s technically a difficult challenge to solve.

Convesio has solved this problem, letting you create a multi-tenant WordPress site that scales into multiple nodes — starting at just $10 per month. With Convesio, I set out to create a new type of managed WordPress hosting, one that enhances availability and reduces downtime, while also focusing on performance and security (as we’ll explore in future posts). We take seriously the relationship between Convesio hosting and serving your websites, as well as both the value and importance of that to your agency.

We’re more than just hosting: we’re a trusted partner for your hosting and hosting-related tasks. We build features that improve your profit margins, but also have the features you need for peace of mind.

Next Generation Hosting for WordPress You Can Depend On

Convesio is next-generation managed WordPress hosting that offers innovations beyond what traditional hosting can provide. It’s high availability and high performance, but more importantly, it’s been designed with agencies in mind — it’s that unicorn hosting for your client sites that you’ve been searching for.

Leave the anxiety behind and sleep well at night knowing that with Convesio, your client sites are always online and performing at their best. We’re launching our new container-based managed WordPress hosting very soon! If you’re interested in applying for early access, join the beta phase.

If you have any questions or want to chat, let me know! You can reach me directly: [email protected].


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