Best WooCommerce ChatBots To Increase Customer Engagement and Conversions

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Looking to try a chatbot on your e-commerce website?

E-commerce chatbots help online stores convert web traffic into sales revenue so this is a good idea.  There are numerous chatbots to consider though.

In this article we’ll walk you through our list of the best WooCommerce chatbots to increase customer engagement and conversions.

We won’t recommend any particular chatbot plugin, but you’ll have enough information to make your choice once you’re done reading.

First, here’s a quick guide to why you really need to use a WooCommerce chatbot on your e-commerce website.

Why Should You Use ChatBots on Your WooCommerce Website?

A chatbot is a computer program that is designed to interact with human visitors to a website. Chatbots can be used with web design software to craft a user experience that both converts customers and provides a positive experience.

Modern chatbots are typically designed to use artificial intelligence, which makes them better at understanding,  predicting and resolving user needs.

As mentioned previously, Chatbots have been proven to be a very useful tool for conversion optimization. Here are some of the ways they help:

  • Excellent Tool For Lead Collection

People may not always want to sign up for your newsletter, so you’ll need some other ways of getting them to provide their email addresses and other contact details.

Enter the chatbot.

It’s much easier to get a lead to subscribe through your chatbot, once they’ve already committed to the conversation.

  • They Support in Conversion Optimization

As a general rule, most first-time visitors to your website will not make a purchase. They may navigate away from your website with the intention of doing some more research before making a purchase.

The problem is, they won’t always remember to come back to your website when they’re ready to buy.  Remarketing can help swing the odds in your favor.

Chatbots are a great tool to have for remarketing. Once a prospect subscribes to your chatbot, they can be tagged and targeted with messaging that is specific to their interests.

  • Lead to Higher Customer Satisfaction Rates

Chatbots can be used to provide personalized customer care which  may then lead to higher customer retention and loyalty rates. According to Hubspot Research, Up to 90% of customers report that an immediate response is important or very important when they have a customer service inquiry, and 82% say that it is very important when making a sales or marketing inquiry.

Even if a chatbot may not be able to resolve all customer complaints on its own, making immediate contact with the customer may be enough to preserve them as a lead. Sophisticated chatbots can then escalate the unresolved inquiry to a human to take over, in live chat or by other means.

  • An Affordable Alternative to Hiring Additional Customer Support Staff

Ordinarily, you’d have to hire additional support staff if you wanted to maintain a round-the-clock presence through live chat—at a significant cost.

If you just don’t have the budget for hiring more support staff, chatbots will come in very handy at an affordable price point.

What Features do the Best WooCommerce ChatBots Have?

As we’ve just pointed out, a chatbot, in theory, will bring many benefits to your website. However, not all chatbot plugins are made equal.

As you evaluate the chatbots we’ll be discussing, it may be useful to keep a few points in mind as a guide.

Here are the most important features every WooCommerce chatbot should have:

  • In-Chat Payments

Modern chatbots are being designed with the ability to walk customers through the funnel, right to the point of making a purchase. This way, they can act as an effective 24/7 salesperson even while you’re away from work.

  • Marketing Integration

Chatbots can be a powerful marketing tool for lead generation but only if the data collected is properly collected and processed into useful information.

This makes proper integration into your customer relationship management systems a crucial feature any chatbot should have.

  • Multi-Language Support

If you offer multi-language translation throughout your website, it would make sense for your chatbot plugin to do the same.

  • Tags

Chatbot tags are a handy feature that help you organize chats for easy storage and retrieval. For example, you could use an #unresolved tag to keep tabs on unresolved complaints, or tag prospects by the product they’re interested in.

  • Remarketing and SMS Notifications

As we’ve mentioned, remarketing is an excellent conversion optimization tactic.  You’ll need a chatbot with advanced analytics and tracking features that allow you to contact your prospects away from your website. This could be by SMS or on Facebook messenger, and so on.

Now that we’ve covered the reasons why you should use WooCommerce chatbots, and what features to look for in the best ones, we’ll dive into our list of the best 8 WooCommerce chatbots that can help increase customer engagement and conversions.

Top 8 WooCommerce ChatBots That Will Help Increase Customer Engagement and Boost Conversions 


Tidio is a WooCommerce plugin by Tidio Ltd. The plugin serves multiple needs by offering live chat, chatbots and email integration features all in one plugin.

With over 100,000 installations and 4.8 star reviews, Tidio is arguably one of the best no-code chatbot solutions for WooCommerce and WordPress stores.

Tido offers some analytics tools that allow you to see who is visiting your website. You can see, in real time, what pages they are visiting, and then engage with them by offering tailored solutions.

Some additional key features that make Tidio a good option:

  • Easy set up (can be installed with just one click for WooCommerce stores).
  • Unlimited options for configuration through JavaScript API or Zapier.
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP) to speedily understand customer needs
  • Numerous ECommerce Chatbot templates along with visual drag and drop editor
  • Chatbot performance analytics.

Tidio Pricing: 

Tidio is entirely free to use with the premium Chatbots plan available at $39 per month.

WoowBot Pro 

WoowBot is an easy-to-use WooCommerce chatbot plugin made by Quantum Cloud. The plugin is dedicated to helping your prospects find the right products through intelligent conversational experience.

Another way WoowBot stands out is its ease of use–even for beginners. Unlike many other WooCommerce chatbots, there is very little need for technical knowledge as the plugin is very much a plug and play solution.

For the full range of useful chatbot features such as artificial intelligence and NLP, you can upgrade to the pro version of the plugin.

Some additional features that make WoowBot a good option:

  • There’s a language center where you can modify bot responses in any language.
  • Onsite retargeting along with exit-intent marketing
  • Products can be searched for using WooCommerce standard search function that uses title and description, and can be displayed with links to product pages.
  • Cart abandonment rates can be reduced by on-site retargeting/exit intent pop ups which display offers such as discounts, coupon codes, free E-books and shipping.
  • Customizable chat icons and CSS.
  • Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp integration are available.

WoowBot Pro Pricing:

There is a free plan with just one chatbot template and other limited features. A paid plan with a yearly WoowBot Pro license will cost $39 for the Personal plan, $98 for the Master plan, and $249 for the Ultimate plan.

Collect.Chat Chatbot for Website

The Chatbot for Websites plugin from Collect.Chat Inc offers several functions in one plugin. For example, it has the ability to serve as a contact bot, survey bot, feedback bot and FAQ bot.

Collect.Chat offers plenty of features that enable generation of leads. For example, it offers the ability to verify phone numbers, helping to ensure that you are able to contact your leads.

The plugin is currently in use by over 15,000 websites and web platforms.

Some additional features that make Collect.Chat Chatbot for Websites a good option:

  • The chatbot engages and converses with shoppers 24/7 hence your business keeps running even when you’re asleep or on vacation.
  • Appointment bookings can be done by the customers using the times that show you are available.
  • About 50+ ready-made templates are available.
  • Chatbot making is extremely easy and uses a simple drag-and-drop approach. No coding is involved.
  • There are over 180 languages that the chatbot can be translated to.

Collect.Chat chatbot for Websites Pricing:

There is a free plan that is limited to 50 chatbot responses. The paid plan has premium features and more automatic responses starting from $24 per month.

ChatBot for WooCommerce

Chatbot by ChatBot is an all-in-one platform with AI algorithms that work in the background to adapt chatbots to customer needs. It allows key tasks to be automated, and offers many advanced features which will be useful to both medium and large scale online stores.

The plugin offers features such as one-click integration with Facebook Messenger, Slack, LiveChat and other platforms.

ChatBot also has the ability to store unrecognized words or phrases, which you can then configure , making the plugin even smarter over time.

Some additional features that make Chatbot by Chatbot a good option::

  • Natural Language Processing is used to correctly interpret user input
  • Widget customization options are available
  • One-click integration with a lot of popular messaging platforms like Facebook Messenger, Slack, LiveChat
  • Highly flexible, quick to implement, and easily trainable
  • Visual chatbot flowchart builder

Woo Bot for E-Commerce

Woo Bot is a dedicated WooCommerce-compatible chatbot plugin made by WP1. At the moment the plugin is not available on the WordPress plugin directory but you can download directly from its e.

Overall, Woo Bot offers most of the standard features you would expect of a WooCommerce chatbot plugin, such as intelligent product search that allows owners to configure unanswered questions, exit-intent tools and so on.

One standout feature of this plugin is the fact that it is made specifically for WooCommerce, and comes recommended by WooCommerce. This means you can expect seamless integration.

Some additional features that make Woo Bot for e-commerce a good option:

  • Easily configurable
  • Integrates well with WooCommerce product inventory making it very useful for product searches
  • Answers to FAQs
  • Chat tracking

Woo Bot for E-commerce Pricing: 

Woo Bot for E-Commerce offers only one plan at $29 per year.

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