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6 Essential Tips for Preventing Website Downtime

This is a guest post by RealVNC, a leading provider of remote access software for desktop and mobile devices. Learn more on ...

What Are The Best Ways to Improve Website Speed?

This is a guest post by RealVNC, a leading provider of remote access software for desktop and mobile devices. Learn more on ...

7 Ways Convesio’s Support is Better Than Competitors

When it comes to managing a WordPress website, having reliable and efficient support can make all the difference. At Convesio, we take ...

How a Fast Website Boosts SEO Scores and Conversion Rates

Attention spans are shrinking. The speed of your website plays a crucial role in determining its success. Previously, we talked about the ...

Understanding Frontend and Backend Website Performance: A Guide for Business Leaders

These days, a company’s website is often the first point of contact for potential customers. As such, it’s important to optimize your ...

Get a Technical Review of Your Site

View a sample: Get a free technical review of your WordPress website. Optimize Site Performance Is your site running as well as ...
Seven Easy Ways to Reduce Your Website’s File Size and Pay Less for Hosting

Seven Easy Ways to Reduce Your Website’s File Size and Pay Less for Hosting

If you have a lot of files on your website, your monthly hosting bill may be higher than it needs to be. ...

New Features in January 2023: Platform Caching Updates, New FTP Options, and More!

Happy New Year! This month, we have some exciting new features to share with you. Platform Caching Updates The Platform Caching plugin ...

How a Fast Website Improves SEO and Gets More Customers

A fast website helps more than you think! When determining which search results to display, Google looks for every indicator of the ...
Website Speed Testing Tools

The Best WordPress Speed Testing Tools (Free and Paid) of 2022

The speed of your website is extremely important. If it loads slowly, visitors will leave before reading much – or any – of your content. ...
Setting up WordPress Using Docker

Setting up WordPress Using Docker

Docker containers are generally perceived as technically complicated and a difficult solution to implement. It is the next step in WordPress hosting with significant scaling ...
Speed Up WooCommerce Backend 1

How to Speed Up WooCommerce Backend

An optimized WooCommerce backend is significant for efficiently running operational tasks.
Guide To Improve TTFB 2

How to Reduce TTFB to Improve WordPress Page Load Times

TTFB according to us at Convesio - should be one of your top priorities to fix while you are optimizing your WordPress website for speed. ...
Complete Cloudflare Enterprise Guide 2

Definitive Guide for Configuring Cloudflare Enterprise on WordPress Websites

Cloudflare Enterprise Offers Premium Features for Making a WordPress site Optimized, Secured & Scalable
google core web vital guide

A Complete Guide on How To Improve Google Core Web Vitals For WordPress

Google’s Core Web Vitals metrics tell you about your WordPress website’s performance, user interaction and overall user experience. It is essential to have high scores ...
con blog webloadtest hero

How To Load Test a WordPress Website

Stress Testing your WordPress website using tools can provide you important insights into how your website will perform during traffic spikes and how capable is ...
con blog 5tipswoo hero

5 Pro Tips To Scale WooCommerce for High Volume Ecommerce Stores

Learn how you can optimize your WooCommerce store to handle spikes in traffic and high-volumes of concurrent transactions and avoid losing sales.
con blog corewebvitalswp hero 1

Core Web Vitals for WordPress: How To Get A Good Score

Google has announced that the roll out of the Page Experience update is now complete. Now it's time to ensure your WordPress website's Core Web ...
on blog scale wp easy hero

Quick Tips To Scaling Your WordPress Website

Scaling WordPress has many challenges, but not all scaling events are the same. Let me sort out the different types of traffic and solutions to ...
con blog oxygenrebuild hero

Switching From WP Bakery to Oxygen Page Builder

One of our new year’s resolution was to put our website on a diet and with Oxygen we’ve been able to shed a few kilobytes
con blog convesioTV 2 hero

Scaling WordPress to Handle the Largest WordPress Virtual Conference

Learn how Convesio helped Atarim serve 2M+ requests to 6K visitors from 91 countries in two days.
con blog ttps hero

Slow WordPress Admin? Your Time To Post Saved May be Too High

Familiar with TTFB but never heard of TTPS? Don’t worry -- we just made it up.
con blog oflfoadmedia hero

WordPress For Photographers: How To Handle GBs Worth of Media

If your media library is bursting at the seams you should consider offloading photos, videos and files to the cloud.
con blog slowplugins hero

WordPress Plugins Can Slow Down Website Load Time

Did you know that plugins and scripts can slow your sites down by over 300%? We recently discovered this when we analyzed a slow loading ...
con blog coreweb hero

Measuring UX with Google’s Core Web Vitals

Core Web Vitals is a set of metrics that measure the overall user experience offered by a particular webpage, that are becoming increasingly important for ...
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