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How a Fast Website Improves SEO and Gets More Customers


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A fast website helps more than you think! When determining which search results to display, Google looks for every indicator of the quality of a website. This means that speed and customer behavior are huge components of search algorithms used to determine page rankings. With a fast website, you get both! 

What can go wrong with a slow website? 

To start, a percentage of customers will abandon their journey on your website if it’s too slow. This results in fewer sales, less future advocates of your products, and less overall growth. After all, a slow website is a poor user experience, especially on the modern web.

To make matters worse, Google tracks visitor behavior and will notice if users leave your site quickly. If this trend continues, Google will punish your site and reduce your ranking across keyword searches, leading to a loss in organic traffic. And if you have paid ads, they will increase in cost, too. 

Needless to say, this is a bad situation and you should try to avoid it at all costs.

How Is Convesio Faster?

These days, there are a ton of hosting providers out there, especially when it comes to hosting WordPress sites. Most of them use the same 20 year old technology. They run your website on a shared server with thousands of other websites that share the same computing resources. As you can imagine, this means your site will be slower than it needs to be.

Shared vs. Cloud

Dedicated servers are a potential solution to the problems of shared hosting. With a big enough budget, you can buy access to dedicated servers. This can help speed up your site, but it won’t solve any of the software problems or downtime issues.

That’s where Convesio comes in. Our approach is entirely different from the decades-old approach other hosts take and better than using dedicated servers.

At Convesio, your computer is put onto a dedicated container. A container is a lightweight piece of software with all the operating system functions streamlined and secured inside of it. A container doesn’t run all the usual bloatware and cPanel of usual hosting platforms. Since it’s more efficient and self-contained, this also means it can be replicated, sent out to the world, and updated without downtime. 

Just by moving to Convesio, most clients see a dramatic change immediately. Seconds of loading time are shaved off, resulting in a better experience for users. In addition, we staff a team of dedicated WordPress experts that analyze your website day and night. We go to the code level looking for ways to improve speed, issues with plugins, or database queries that are taking too long. 

All this means that your website will be blazing fast, far beyond what you can get at other hosts. Traditional WordPress hosting companies simply don’t provide this level of technology or support. 

What Are Some Other Benefits of Convesio?

Uptime and availability are just as important as speed – for the exact same reasons. Most hosting companies claim 99%+ infrastructure uptime. This means that they have servers somewhere on planet Earth that are available all the time. What they don’t mention is your individual websites’ uptime. If they ever need to move your website, upgrade the software on the server, or if they have a server outage, your website is down for maintenance. Even if you could get more power, you still need to deal with outages.

With Convesio’s container technology, all of this downtime is eliminated. Your website can be copied, load balanced, and delivered around the world or at massive scale if needed. 

To get this capability yourself, you’d need to hire a full-time devops person and engineer to manage an Amazon or Google Cloud account with extensive trial and error testing. You have to spend at least $10k/month in labor and software licenses. Thankfully, we handle all of it for you. Instead of 10 grand a month, our business plans start at $150/month.

Ready to speed up your site, improve uptime and availability, and provide an excellent experience for your visitors? It’s time to get started with Convesio.


  • Can it improve my site no matter what theme or database I use? Yes! While there are many ways to improve performance, because Convesio puts your website in an isolated container, it will get faster immediately even without other changes. 
  • Do I need to know how SEO works to make my site get better search results? While knowledge of SEO definitely helps, you will also see significant improvements simply by optimizing your site for speed and usability. And that’s something Convesio is an expert 
  • Does Convesio help me besides the container technology? Yes! Our team of experts diagnoses your site and looks for opportunities to improve performance across code, databases, plugins and more. 

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