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Shield Security

The most powerful WordPress security plugin.



Shield Security is the creator of ShieldPRO, a premium security plugin with over 11.8 million total downloads and 50,000 active installations. The plugin’s rich feature set includes a unique vulnerability scanner, bot blocking, 2FA, login backup codes, and numerous other powerful security tools.

"Our experience with Convesio has so far exceeded our expectations. With an effortless migration process, offering a hassle-free transition with white-glove migration services included, it was a no-brainer to switch. With guaranteed uptime and no data loss, the migration to Convesio was completely stress-free."
Paul Goodchild
Founder, Shield Security

The Flexibility of Self-Hosting Comes with a Cost

Before switching to Convesio, Shield Security was hosting entirely on Amazon Web Services (AWS), using Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) and Remote Database Services (RDS). This gave Shield a lot of flexibility and customization in terms of managing their stack and gave them direct control over server management, uptime, updates, scaling, performance, security, and configuration.

However, this came with a cost: increased time and effort spent managing AWS. This diversion of resources away from the core focus of Shield Security.

With that in mind, they slowly began to look for a different solution, one that was powerful enough for their needs but didn’t require constant customization and maintenance.


Convesio’s Docker-Based Hosting Platform

Shield first heard about Convesio through word-of-mouth, from another plugin developer that had migrated to our platform. Intrigued, Shield looked into Convesio and was immediately impressed by our Docker-based hosting platform.

Our use of Docker containers is distinctly unique compared to most hosts, who tend to use older web technology. One of the main benefits of using Docker is security: each WordPress site hosted on Convesio is deployed within its own fully isolated container. This isolation is a significant security upgrade compared to traditional hosts, and dramatically reduces the the potential for cross-infection across websites in a shared hosting environment. As Shield’s products are security-focused, choosing Convesio made perfect sense. Convesio’s other security tools also impressed Shield, including security audits, protocols, and 24/7 malware monitoring, to name a few.

All of these features impressed Shield, however, they wanted to be absolutely certain that Convesio was the right choice. To do that, they first tested Convesio for several weeks. They were “throughly impressed” by the results.

"We don’t rush into things, which is why we took the time to test Convesio for several weeks before officially making the switch. Our experience during this trial period left us thoroughly impressed, resulting in a confident transition of our WordPress hosting to Convesio.

The use of Docker containers by Convesio was different from traditional hosting approaches and demonstrated uniquely some lateral thinking an industry which is otherwise very homogenous: web hosting. By being the first to introduce containerised hosting to the WordPress market, Convesio showed us a commitment to innovation rather than simply following the crowd or resorting to gimmicks."
Paul Goodchild
Founder, Shield Security

A Faster, More Secure Site – With Great Support, Too

These initial results impressed Shield so much, they decided to move to Convesio. Since migrating to Convesio, their site’s speed and responsiveness have improved dramatically.

“An indicator of this improvement is the rating given by GTmetrix, an industry-standard speed testing service. Before the switch, our site received a C rating, but post-migration, we managed to achieve an A, reflecting the substantial enhancement in performance.”


Shield was also impressed by the inclusion of enterprise-level DDoS protection powered with Cloudflare.

Most of all, Shield appreciates Convesio’s 24/7 Slack-based expert support. Unlike traditional hosting support, which tends to rely on faceless ticket systems or phone numbers, Convesio creates a dedicated Slack channel for each client.

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“Convesio represents more than just a hosting provider – for us, it was a way to an even more secure, scalable future. Switching to Convesio represents a shift from self-management to entrusting our website to a reliable partner. 

We’re excited to hand over our website to their team, and would encourage WordPress users looking for a secure and reliable hosting provider to consider the same.”

– Paul Goodchild, Founder of Shield Security

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