Help Us Re-Design the Convesio Blog!

By Lawrence Ladomery  |  In Convesio News

We launched this blog without giving it much thought and now it's time for an upgrade, and we think the crowd can do a better to re-design it and name it.

This is not the first time that we've asked the community for help. Convesio raised over $1M from a Wefunder campaign where 800+ individuals invested in our vision, so we're more than comfortable

We're running two separate contests for this exercise: a contest on 99Designs for the blog's design and a separate one for the blog's name. The latter hasn't been launched yet -- we'll update this page when it does.

You can read the briefs in full on the platforms hosting the contests. Here are some of the key requirements:

  • We're looking to re-launch our blog as a separate publication, targeting businesses and agencies that are looking for premium WordPress hosting.
  • We are after a unique design that looks polished but doesn’t want to ‘show off’. It needs to be readable, functional and on brand, so worth understanding how our platforms differs from the competition, in particular the idea of scaling (that our platform does well).
  • We’re not after templates bought off a marketplace. Be original!
  • We're after the design of the single post page template

Want to participate?

Blog design - head over to 99Designs and submit your entry.

Blog name - the contest is taking place on Squadhelp.

Tip - you can find screenshots of our platform on our Press page along with info about who we are and what we do, our logo and our platform's UI. You  may want to try out Convesio too to get a sense of how it works - the free trial lasts 30 days and you don't need a credit card to sign up for it.

Please note: we won't be accepting and submissions directly.

Any questions? Please post them as comments here.

Lawrence Ladomery
My first job in digital was back in 1998 and have worked for all kinds of organizations, from startups to Government, agencies and businesses of all shapes and sizes. I've been using WordPress 12 years but fell in love with it in 2017 when I started working in the web hosting space and getting to know the community. I am also a big fan of Elementor and run the Elementor Melbourne Meetup.
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