Convesio and Steadfast Partner To Offer High Performance WordPress Hosting

con steadfast partnership

In an industry increasingly dominated by a handful of ‘big box’ vendors, smaller, independent and more agile managed IT infrastructure providers offer a much more compelling alternative.

Based in Chicago and operating for 22 years, Steadfast has made a name for itself for the quality of tech, great customer support and innovation.

Steadfast operates out of its own state-of-the-art data centers located in Chicago, Edison and New Jersey and counts many Fortune 500 companies as customers. This allows them to meet its customer needs with more agility, a speedier service and a level of support big cloud vendors simply can’t match.

This is not dissimilar to how Convesio operates in the specialist WordPress hosting space, which is why this partnership is such a good fit.

Steadfast’s success stems for a ‘Simple is Better’ philosophy that removes barriers between complex solutions and business outcomes. This is achieved by deploying solutions that fit a customer’s needs, rather than the other way round. Steadfast and Convesio worked together to design an environment optimized for the latter’s Docker-based architecture.

Tom Fanelli, Convesio’s founder and CEO explains:

“We can deploy Convesio pretty much to any cloud provider and have had good results with AWS and Google Cloud thus far. But the performance gains we’ve seen on Steadfast have been significant; between 30 and 60%, in fact. Another big advantage is the modus operandi — dealing with a smaller operator means you get a bunch of passionate engineers together to work magic on the tech stack.”

From Steadfast’s perspective the partnership extends beyond the supply of infrastructure. They’re able to recommend Convesio to their customers with full confidence that their WordPress websites will be taken care of.

Introducing the partnership

Robert Jacobi, President Emeritus of Joomla and member of Make WordPress Hosting team, steered a conversation between James and Tom Fanelli where they introduced their respective platforms and explained how the partnership came about.

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