Enterprise WordPress Hosting

The next generation of WordPress hosting for mission-critical eCommerce websites.


Enterprise WordPress Hosting

The next generation WordPress platform for mission-critical websites.

Enterprise WordPress Hosting

The next generation WordPress platform for mission-critical websites.

Enterprise WordPress Hosting Just Got a Lot Simpler

Enterprise level hosting doesn’t have to mean complex, expensive and high maintenance.

Introducing our next generation WordPress platform for mission-critical websites. Our Enterprise WordPress Hosting platform is a powerful, scalable architecture designed to deliver the fastest, most reliable WordPress experience possible.

We’ve architected our platform using cutting-edge technologies such as PHP 8, HTTP/2, and load-balanced Percona databases. Combined with our global CDN powered by Cloudflare and edge advanced caching, your website will be lightning fast.

Unlike other enterprise WordPress hosting providers, we’ve approached it differently – building a platform that is scalable, fast and redundant by design.

Convesio is the first WordPress hosting solution to offer true auto scaling, self-healing and a great fit Enterprise customers.

Enterprise clients love us because hosting WordPress becomes one less thing to worry about.

  • Simplicity – We are a truly scalable host, without the complexity
  • Security – Enterprise grade security with AI powered malware scanning and cleaning
  • Speed – Using the fastest Google Cloud Platform servers
  • Price – Convesio hosting plans delivers more and costs less – just ask us for a quote  

Learn more about our solution.

Next-Gen Enterprise WordPress Hosting Based on Docker Technology

Convesio was conceived to solve many of problems affecting traditional WordPress site hosting, a legacy approach that has changed very little over last 15 years.

Inspired by decentralized and distributed models, Convesio routes traffic across multiple instances of the same WordPress website enabling both high availability and true horizontal scaling.

This architecture is similar to how large tech companies such as Google, Facebook, and Amazon Web Services (AWS) scale their web applications.

We use modern containerization technology provided by Docker to package WordPress websites into isolated units that can run on any number of servers.

Resulting in more redundancy, a much faster performance and lower costs.

But that’s not all. We have partnered with industry leaders to boost performance and security even more.

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Why Convesio Is A Great For WordPress Enterprise

Convesio’s enterprise level hosting provides the highest level of speed, security and scalability of your WordPress sites. We are one of the few Enterprise WordPress host that offer this type of platform for WordPress. Our platform is designed to meet the needs of high traffic websites and enterprise customers.

Convesio provides a complete solution for hosting WordPress sites at scale. We offer a wide range of features including:

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Google Cloud
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How Auto Scaling Works On Convesio

Try this first: head over to WP Engine, Kinsta or Pantheon and ask them how auto scaling works on their platform. You’ll get a fuzzy answer about the tech, no answer about pricing and get pushy about connecting with Sales.

At Convesio we have productized auto scaling, and it works like this:

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1. Set a default number of containers

WordPress runs on the minimum number of containers set in the dashboard. These have dedicated resources just like dedicated servers

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2. Traffic surge? Scaling is triggered automatically

WordPress experiences a surge in traffic and additional containers deploy automatically to share the load, keeping it running fast.

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3. WordPress scales across clusters of servers

This is referred to as "horizontal scaling," and containers for a single WordPress website may deploy across multiple servers. This ensures scaling isn't restricted by hardware limitations.

It literally takes minutes to get going, and not days or weeks when you need to set up a complex configuration on a traditional platform. Try it out for yourself!

Never Pay Extra for Enterprise WordPress Features

Our Business plans start from $150/ month and are packed with value.

Redis & Object Cache Pro

The Fastest Enterprise Hosting Caching

On Demand Support

Get The Best Enterprise WordPress Support Team

Enterprise Grade Security

Powered by Cloudflare Enterprise

Enterprise-grade Security & Performance

Our team of engineers can work with you to determine the best reverse proxy solution for your enterprise WordPress site. We have a lot of experience working with WordPress and can tailor a solution that meets your specific needs.

Whether you want to host your main website and blog with us, just your main site, or a proxied site such as a blog, we can set up a custom reverse proxy solution for you. We’ll handle the behind the scenes set-up and ensure that you have the infrastructure in place to deliver a smooth experience to every user.

Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you get the most out of your website.

Website and data security is essential for any business, and automatic backups are a crucial part of maintaining that security. With Convesio’s automatic backup system, you can rest assured knowing that your website and data are safe and sound. In addition to the daily backups, Convesio also makes hourly backups at the infrastructure level using Acronis. For lager enterprise WordPress sites we can even work with you to create an entirely custom backups strategy.

Each site on Convesio comes with many out of the box security settings preconfigured inside of the web server and larger infrastructure to help thwart intrusions and alert us of any abnormalities. In addition, each site has:

  • X-Frame-Options
  • X-XSS-Protection
  • X-Content-Type-Options
  • Referrer-Policy
  • Content-Security-Policy
  • Strict-Transport-Policy
  • Bot Detection Powered by
  • Ellipsis Human Presence

Unlike traditional managed WordPress hosting, each site on Convesio is encapsulated in its own micro architecture. The container only utilizes communication on a private subnet to access the filesystem, database, and any other services the container requires to operate – it is never exposed directly to the internet – it is exposed through the load balancer. This configuration ensures that your site and its data is secure and private.

Site running on Convesio can easily add a SSL certificate free of charge, provided by Let’sEncrypt, a leading SSL provider. Furthermore, we utilize SFTP to access your site’s filesystem on our platform – never connecting directly to your Docker container.

WordPress Experts - Introducing Our Professional Services

We offer a range of services to take WordPress hosting off your DevOps team’s plate.

Ease of Use
Enterprise Level WordPress Hosting & Management

A maintenance and dedicated support covering deployments and ongoing management tailored for your specific technical and workflow requirements.

We also optimize the backend to make sure your team doesn’t experience a slow WordPress admin.

Lock SSL
Enterprise Grade Security

All the enterprise security you would expect, including a fully managed web application firewall. We manage the full scope of WordPress security with, deeper scanning, breach detection and remediation. Rapid response and resolution times are covered by our SLA. Learn more about secure WordPress hosting.

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WordPress Site Speed Optimization

Our platform is built for the fastest server response time and site speed. But we also fine-tune WordPress and leverage edge optimization, aiming for a under two second page load times. 

We start by performing a website load testing to determine how much capacity you need. Request a free page speed optimization analysis and we’ll explain how.

Consultancy Services

Our team is available for one-off consultancies or ongoing engagements where you can access our engineers, developers and UX specialists via a dedicated Slack Channel.

Need more support?

We can set up a dedicated channel on Slack where you can access our team of engineers, developers and UX experts.


WordPress Enterprise Built On Solid Foundations

Proest helps construction companies quickly create accurate and competitive bids for their projects.

Their website was designed to deliver on the same promises as their service, and with a page load speed of under 2 seconds the audience is never left waiting.

Proest.com was designed and built by Group6 Interactive, a Convesio Agency Partner, who worked together with our team to speed up WordPress and achieve a PageSpeed Score of A(95%).

Visit Proest.com

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5/5 Stars on G2

Our clients are raving about Convesio on G2!

Convesio Hosting Meets Demand for High Volume Project
We provide a seasonal promotional portal to our client that is available for a limited time that receives a very high volume of visitors.

For the last promotion a few weeks before the launch, it was decided to find a solution that would perform better than our dedicated servers. With little time, we found Convesio, had a consultation, put a plan in place, set up an account, installed and tested the site, and in no time had a scalable cloud hosting solution ready to go!

-- Jeff S, Director of Creative Services
The Future of Hosting!
This product is way different from everything else I have used! They use containers and microservices to create a highly scalable environment for WordPress.

When you create a site on Convesio it has load balancers, a clustered DB, and runs on multiple servers. This increases your sites stability and access to more resources as it scales.

We tried to build this solution using Amazon and all the tech they have, it tooks us months and we were getting nowhere. Convesio has it all figured out and wrapped in a super easy to use interface.

-- Marco R
Revolutionary WordPress Hosting Has Arrived
It's the first platform-as-a-service solution to host our client's WordPress sites. Convesio has reduced the effort we spend managing and optimizing our client's WordPress websites. The support team at Convesio has been first class with response times in less than 5 minutes at any hour of the day.

We have tried other solutions in the past and have found the overall speed hasn't matched Convesio.

Convesio's control panel allows you to create new websites by restoring back ups in seconds. This saves our team is a lot of time in deploying stage and development environments in just one click.

-- Patrick K
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Get in touch to discuss your Enterprise WordPress hosting requirements

If you are using WP Engine, WordPress VIP, or another enterprise WordPress hosting provider, we would love to chat. We can review your current hosting setups, understand your business goals and recommend an end-to-end solution to host and manage your website.

Migrating is easy - we'll give you the WordPress VIP treatment!

We can handle complex migrations, working with your team and switching over when it’s most convenient.

Enterprise WordPress Hosting FAQs

Convesio is a container-based platform that offers enterprises the power, performance, scalability, and security they need to succeed online. We offer a wide range of features and services that are designed to meet the needs of enterprise WordPress users.

Auto scaling is our main differentiator. It’s in our DNA. Our clients can set up a highly scalable instance of WordPress in minutes. No SysAdmin required.

Other enterprise WordPress hosting providers offer complex and costly solutions that take days to deploy, and you end up paying for maximum capacity.

Convesio uses a container-based architecture that is designed for scalability.

Scaling is managed via our easy-to-use platform — all you need to do is to set the minimum and maximum number of containers WordPress can run on.

Our platform will detect any spikes in traffic and scale automatically, and scale back down when traffic levels return to normal.

A container is a self-contained unit of software that includes everything needed to run an application, including the code, libraries, environment variables, and configuration files.

You can think of containers as dedicated servers, each with their own dedicated resources and isolated from their ‘neighbour’ accounts.

We use Docker, which is the industry-leading containerization platform.

Vertical scaling is when you add more resources to a single server. For example, you can add more CPU or memory to a server.

Horizontal scaling is when you add more servers to a system. For example, you can add more web servers to a system to handle more traffic.

Convesio scales both vertically and horizontally. This means that scaling is not limited to the finite resources of a single physical server – additional containers can be deployed to a multiple servers in the cluster.

We have bundled a lot of value in our plans – important enterprise solutions that purchased separately come at a significant cost, including:

  • Cloudflare Enterprise
  • Redis
  • Object Cache Pro
  • Caching
  • Hourly backups using Acronis
  • AI-based malware scanning
  • Expert ScaleOps support

Check our competitor’s pricing pages to see whether they include the same features or offer them as add-ons.


Our enterprise WordPress hosting plans offer more resources, dedicated databases (MariaDB or Percona), account management and an enterprise level hosting service support – a truly WordPress VIP experience!

Get in touch if you are unsure which plan is right for you, or whether Convesio is the right enterprise WordPress host for your website.

We use data centers in the US (East, Central and West Coast), Europe (Zurichh), and Australia (Sydney). We also utilize Cloudflare which has data centers in 270 locations globally.

Convesio is infrastructure agnostic. We currently deploy websites to Google Cloud, Digital Ocean and Steadfast and we are continually evaluating new providers.

We take security very seriously at Convesio.

Convesio is a container-based platform that uses Linux containers, which are more secure than traditional virtualization technologies.

Each WordPress site is isolated in its own container, so if there was ever a security issue with one website, it would not affect the others on the platform.

For additional security, we’ve integrated industry-leading tools for monitoring, detecting and resolving security breaches. We do this proactively – we don’t wait for our clients to inform us about an attack.

At network level, infrastructure providers such as Google Cloud offer best-in-class security. We also leverage Cloudflare’s enterprise security features, which include a web application firewall (WAF), DDoS protection and SSL/TLS encryption.

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