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Discover Convesio's rich feature set – including Docker containers, automatic scaling, reverse proxies, and Slack-based support.

Slack-Based Support

Hands-on help is a key element of our support strategy. Get real-time help from professional engineers, not customer service salespeople – all via Slack or email.


Website Uptime

When other hosts talk about uptime, they’re almost always referring to their infrastructure uptime. This means that your website may still be down, even when their infrastructure as a whole is online. As you can imagine, this is not very helpful – especially if you’re running a high-traffic eCommerce business.

Convesio is different.

When we talk about uptime, we’re referring to your website, not our overall instructure. So when we say 99.99% uptime, that means your website is up 99.99% of the time – even during high traffic events.

Docker Containers

WordPress sites deployed using Docker technology are more performant and scalable as compared to typical VPS hosting. Docker enables us to separate different parts of your site such as its database and WordPress runtime and deploy them to individual containers with dedicated resources.

As each part of the site is hosted inside its own Docker container, additional resources are added almost instantly that allow your site to scale effortlessly. It’s a must-have for eCommerce and WooCommerce websites.

docker hero image

Reverse Proxies

Reverse proxies allow a single domain name to link to multiple, isolated servers. This lets you use different web hosts on a single domain. It also allows for multiple WordPress installations, without the downsides of complex nesting file structures.

Convesio can set up a Reverse Proxy for your site – entirely free-of-charge.

Auto Scaling

Auto scaling is a cutting-edge method of handling high amounts of traffic. By automatically scaling server resources and distributing traffic across multiple web servers, your website will stay up and running at peak performance, no matter how much traffic you get.

Autoscaling hero image

Application Monitoring

Our team of experts can help you install application monitoring and performance tools – and then implement changes to optimize your website.

Unlike legacy hosts, we’re here to help, every step of the way.

WordPress Multisite

Reliable, high-performance WordPress Multisite hosting for agencies, universities, and other organizations. Convesio’s infrastructure can scale up to handle even the most complex multisite networks.


Live Managed Scaling

For sales, promotions, and other high-traffic events, we offer an enhanced level of support. A dedicated Convesio scaling expert collaborates with you to assess your current setup, pinpoint and address potential risks, strategize capacity planning, and closely monitor vital resource metrics on event day, promptly resolving any arising issues.

Load Balancers

A load balancer sits “in front of” your WordPress website and directs incoming traffic to a different web server. This load balancing algorithm distributes traffic across a network of servers, ensuring that no single web server is overwhelmed by traffic — and allowing your WordPress / WooCommerce website to handle more traffic than a single server could.

We implement load balancing automatically on your site. Our experts will configure your servers and migrate your website for you. Plus, we offer 24/7 support in case you need any help or have questions along the way.


Security Infrastructure

Unlike most other hosts, we include a number of security features by default, without any extra charges.

These work around the clock to prevent malware and bots that can compromise your WordPress or WooCommerce website. Other hosting providers either charge extra for more security features or don’t include them at all.


Convesio supports the implementation of CI/CD processes via GitHub, Bitbucket, BuddyWorks, and other tools. If your team uses CI/CD, switching to our hosting infrastructure is easy and effortless.


Laravel Hosting

Laravel is a powerful open-source PHP framework used for developing web applications.

Convesio can host your Laravel application on our Docker-based, auto-scaling infrastructure.

Bedrock Hosting

Bedrock is a modern WordPress stack that simplifies the configuration and customization of WordPress installations by integrating seamlessly with the PHP package manager, Composer.

cluster hero

WordPress Cluster

A WordPress cluster is made of multiple servers that power various services to run your site. This unique arrangement of servers allows them to pool their resources, so your site can draw computing power from not just a single machine, but from various machines. In contrast to legacy hosting, WordPress cluster hosting is superior in terms of scaling capabilities and performance enhancements. The result: your web server setup can handle unexpected load spikes without issues.

Secure Shell Protocol (SSH)

SSH is essential for managing WordPress websites securely. With encrypted connections, it ensures data confidentiality during remote access. With Convesio, you can access your site via SSH for an extra level of security.


Hosting Infrastructure

Convesio uses our own private cloud, with servers customized to a degree far exceeding the typical cloud hosting setup.

Our private cloud is hosted within world-class, Tier III data center spaces in the United States and Europe, ensuring reliability, performance, and top-notch security.

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