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What Happens When You Request a Convesio Site Migration

Many Convesio customers prefer handle their own site migrations. For those who would prefer that we handle migrating their site onto the Convesio Platform, we offer free migrations. Each one is handled individually by one of our migration specialists. Here’s how the process works:

Requesting Migration

For fastest service, please start by filling our form.

The Process

  • We begin by benchmarking the performance of your site using GTMetrix. This report will be part of what we deliver to you at the end of the process, and it lets us know where we can assist in page speed optimization.
  • After our team creates a placeholder site in your account, we migrate your site into the platform. Methods differ based on the size of the site, as described below.
  • We perform a basic QA, verifying that the home page and several random pages display the same on Convesio as on your previous host.
  • We’ll email you at this point to give you the IP addresses for entry at your DNS provider and to give you the opportunity to do your own QA on the site before shifting the DNS.
  • Once the site is live we will issue your SSL and setup caching and other performance settings; get regular backups setup; and ensure the site continues to operate as expected.
  • Then we’ll run another GTMetrix report on your site to quantify the improvement you’ve had by moving to the Convesio Platform and to point out other optimizations which may be appropriate for your site.
  • We will notify you when the entire process is complete and provide you a copy of the before and after GTMetrix report.

Methods we use to migrate sites:

  1. For most sites, we install a backup/migration plugin to make a backup and give us the files for your site. We can also download the site from your previous host’s backup system if you give us your access credentials.
  2. Larger sites (generally larger than 3GB total size), high-traffic sites, or high transaction e-commerce sites are handled by the Infrastructure Manager on duty.
    These often require a more closely-planned cutover to avoid traffic or transaction loss, and may take data synchronization processes, temporary file sync from the old site to the new, and manual database imports. We take these extra steps to reduce downtime and any risk of data loss during the go-live process. The actual cutover is prescheduled with your team and our migration experts to limit downtime and see that the change is done at the best time in relation to your site traffic patterns.

How long does it take?

Typically a standard migration is done in under 24 hours – often much more quickly. Due to the planning and coordination required for more extensive migration, these can take somewhat longer form the time of request to the actual cutover. Getting to the QA step on the extensive migrations is still accomplished generally within 24 hours.

We Recommend

During the migration process, site performance is under constant review, enhancement and QA by our team. We recommend you wait until we’ve notified you the process is complete and you’ve received our before/after analysis before doing any testing of your own.

If you have any questions about the process, please hit us up on the chat widget in your control panel email us at support@convesio.com, or ask a question in the Help Center. We’ll also be happy to discuss your individual needs and develop a migration plan before we start. Welcome to Convesio!

Updated on November 19, 2022

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