High Availability WooCommerce 

Engineered for eCommerce at scale

Your store shouldn’t shut down if a crowd of shoppers turns up

Quite the opposite, in fact. You would want your store to be able serve your customers faster.

If your host is slow or can’t handle traffic spikes you’re losing business. They will leave disappointed and that’s not good for your brand.

With Convesio you don’t have to worry if crowds rush to your website. Our platform was built from the ground up to easily handle the Shark Tank effect.

Convesio: the next-gen hosting for WooCommerce


On shared hosting you’re competing for resources with hundreds of other websites sitting on the same server, which is often over-subscribed.


With a VPS you are allocated your own dedicated resources on a server. The smarter solutions scale up but not down and remain a ‘single point of failure’. They need to be looked after a SysAdmin too.
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Convesio deploys websites to Docker containers featuring their own dedicated resources. If more resources are needed the platform will automatically spin up additional containers, even across servers.

High Availability

Can your online store handle Black Friday? We’ve designed Convesio for these exact scenarios, architecting a solution without any single point of failure.

True Autoscaling

We use Docker containers to scale capacity automatically – an industry first. Our platform can handle unexpected spikes of traffic and thousands of concurrent users.

Fast Page Load Times

Don’t let your customers wait: we are up to 239% faster than the competition thanks to the design of our platform, cloud infrastructure and CloudFlare partnership. 

Edge Caching

Dynamic Edge Caching configured for WooCommerce stores is available via our partnership with CloudFlare. This retails at $200 / month and is included for free in our Performance Plan.

NYC Chip: Not Your Cookie-Cutter Cookie Store

Like many shops this year has been very challenging for NYC Chip.
But when you have a great product in the shape large, gooey, delicious cookies customers will continue to buy online. Including their tees, pins and gift cards.
A strong brand and a great UX need a solid technical foundation, which is where Convesio helps. It’s an investment for the long term, even after New Yorkers will get back to their normal cookie-shopping habits.

Get a free review of your WooCommerce store

We’ll run tests to check performance, identify bottlenecks and understand if your current hosting plan is able to handle sudden spikes in traffic.
Detailed performance check
Load testing
Review of your WordPress set up, including caching and CDN
Analysis of your website traffic
We’ll send through results along with an actionable list to help improve performance of your website.

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