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Blazing Fast Hosting for

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We host and fix big WordPress websites for performance, stability, and conversion rates.

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What Makes Convesio Unique?

Your Site is Crash-Proof

Don’t lose revenue from crashing or slowdown. Our unique Docker technology allows your site to load quickly, even during high amounts of traffic.

Never Outgrow Your Hosting

Focus on growing your business, not configuring your host. Don’t worry about installing cPanel, keeping plugins updated, or worrying if your site is secure enough.

No Pricing “Gotchas”

While other hosts charge for add-ons, Convesio comes with everything you need. No tricks, hidden costs, or exorbitant fees.

Personal Support from True Experts

Talk to actual WordPress experts, 24/7. Get real-time help via Slack, chat, or email from professional engineers, not customer service salespeople.


"Convesio is the only platform that has offered high-level performance consistent enough for our eCommerce business."

Trusted by WooCommerce Stores in Over 40 Countries


A Truly Global Network

Convesio’s infrastructure spans every corner of the globe, allowing us to deliver exceptional performance and reliability to our users worldwide.


Success Stories


Last-minute auctions without crashing or lost bids

Lend A Hand Up is an online fundraiser website that helps families in medical crises by creating awareness and providing a platform for donors to share gifts, donations, start fundraisers and host auctions. The Lend A Hand Up community has raised millions of dollars and helped families get through tough medical conditions.


Online sales outpacing all other channels.

Tilta, a provider of high-quality photography and cinematography equipment, turned to Convesio after hitting the wall at other hosting providers. “We believe Convesio is a big part of our success and look forward to their vision of e-commerce hosting in the future.” — Jake Peterson, Director of Digital Platform.


1,000% traffic spikes without crashing

“After our first major auction which ended in a crash, we started looking into either paying for a higher tier service or swapping services… We determined that a hosting service with auto-scaling would be beneficial. What surprised my team was how many services lack this feature. We were happy to find a quality service in Convesio.”

Architecting WordPress Scalability

True Elastic Scaling for WordPress

Through a combination of open source software and proprietary code we solve the challenge of running WordPress in a highly scalable environment.

Convesio has been deployed on Google Cloud, AWS, and Steadfast. The platform integrates Cloudflare Enterprise features to increase performance and add a second layer of security before a request even hits our servers.

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digital ocean
“Convesio is completely different from anything out there and provides unmatched speed, security, and scalability for my clients.”
– Eric Dunn, COO Evolve Marketing

Want faster, scalable & more reliable WordPress sites?

Talk to us to learn how.

Convesio is not just another hosting provider. Our infrastructure was designed from the ground up for hosting high performance, scalable WordPress sites.

Simple, affordable, and powerful, Convesio makes complex server setups a breeze. You can deploy a WordPress cluster with load balancers, a database cluster, and redundant file system in under a minute!

Stop dealing with the burden of server administration, security, performance, and uptime monitoring.

Speak with one of our infrastructure specialists to learn how Convesio can help your agency. Book a call to learn more.

Featured On:

Proof That Convesio Can Improve Your Website Load Time

Website Before Load Time After Load Time Improvement Prior Host
Samovar Tea 7.0s 4.4s 159%
Nash Insurance 5.1s 2.4s 213%
Ellipsis Marketing 8.6s 2.2s 391%
Press Host 5.5s 2.8s 196%
Just Searched 9.2s 2.6s 354%
Owl Power 2.4s 1.5s 160%
Fake Pig Skin 9.7s 4.8s 202%
Falken Security 3.8s 1.8s 211%
Boston Orthotics 3.9s 2.2s 177%

A Next Generation WordPress Platform

Introducing scalable WordPress hosting: using the latest in Docker Container technology Convesio distributes your traffic across multiple instances of your WordPress site enabling both high availability and true horizontal scaling.

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Sample Report

Download A Sample Load Testing Report

Learn how we determine the right level of resources for high-traffic websites.

High Performance Businesses Choose Convesio As Their Competitive Advantage

Deploy a High Availability WordPress Cluster Hosting at the Push of a Button

Convesio removes the complexity of setting up cloud infrastructures like AWS, while providing agencies and developers features specific for managing WordPress sites.

High Availability

Load balanced containers distribute traffic to duplicate instances of WordPress.

Fast Caching

Load balanced containers distribute traffic to duplicate instances of WordPress.

Clustered Database

Every WordPress site is powered by multiple MySQL servers for high availability, uptime and scalability.

Application Monitoring

Our system is constantly monitoring your site at the WordPress application level.


If your site goes offline for any reason, the platform will instantly re-deploy your container.


True WordPress auto scaling: if your website gets hammered with traffic our system will automatically deploy multiple containers to handle the load.

Version Backups

Get Git-Style versioned backups of your site, which are easy and fast to restore.

Security Monitoring

WordPress specific security monitoring, scanning, and protection.

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Our easy-to-use platform makes managing your WordPress sites a breeze.

Worry-Free Hosting

Every site on Convesio is monitored every 1-minute. If anything goes wrong, our team of experts will jump in and proactively engage to handle any situation.

Growth Protection

Convesio sites can handle surges in traffic using our proprietary design that allows your site to automatically scale and run in multiple containers on multiple servers.

Speed Optimized

Built on the fastest global networks of Google & Amazon, Convesio features parallel database query processing, built-in edge caching, HTTP/2, & much more.

24/7 Expert Support

Either in-app or via Slack, our team of experts are just a few clicks away. With response times usually under 5 minutes, our team is an extension to your agency.