WordPress: Where It’s Headed in 2022

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Let’s take a look at where WordPress is at today, where it’s headed, and what we can expect from the world’s most popular CMS in 2022 and beyond.

Should you use WordPress as your CRM?

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WordPress CRM plugins are getting better. Is it time to choose them over the established SaaS CRM platforms? And save over $1,500 a year in the process.

Nobody is Investing in the Future of WordPress

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There’s a lot of support within the WordPress space, with time and energy given voluntarily by contributors to the WordPress project. It’s the beauty of open-source software, and yet, I’d argue that those good intentions get misplaced after the contributions are done – when it comes to deciding how to spend our money.

Website Performance Analyzed for 1,500 Agencies

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Agencies have some of the best-looking websites, often looking much more polished than the designs they produce for their clients. But how well do they perform, bearing in mind that 37% of visitors bounce when websites take over five seconds to load?

Scaling WordPress for Startups

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With website builders like Wix and Squarespace becoming more sophisticated and adding features, founders have more options for building their websites.