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We review and analyse plugins, themes, websites and trends, with a big focus on performance.

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WordPress 5.9 Review – Full Site Editing, Block Based Themes, and Performance Upgrades

Take a deep dive with us into the latest version of WordPress 5.9. This is a major WordPress release that features the much awaited Full ...
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Matomo Review: Is It Better Than Google Analytics?

Matomo Analytics is an alternative to Google Analytics that gives you full control of your data and protects user's privacy.
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WordPress For Photographers: How To Handle GBs Worth of Media

If your media library is bursting at the seams you should consider offloading photos, videos and files to the cloud.
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Website Performance Analyzed for 1,500 Agencies

Agencies have some of the best-looking websites, often looking much more polished than the designs they produce for their clients. But how well do they ...
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