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Black Friday Email Marketing Tips For WooCommerce Stores

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WooCommerce is great at a lot of things, but email marketing isn’t one of them. Yes, it can collect email addresses when your customers register an account or create one at checkout. But you really can’t do much with your email list apart from sending them basic transactional emails (e.g. new account, processing order, completed order, refunded order, reset password, etc.).

The good news is that there’s no shortage of email marketing platforms that seamlessly integrate with WooCommerce. Features and pricing vary from one provider to another, but at the very least, choose a platform that offers user segmentation and email automation. Doing so will allow you to send the perfect Black Friday deals to the right group of people!

One such platform is Blue Odin. Designed for WooCommerce sellers, Blue Odin combines user segmentation, email automation, and a user-friendly sales dashboard to help you manage your WooCommerce store. It’s perfect for your flash sales, holiday sales, and Black Friday campaigns – just add your WooCommerce store to Blue Odin and start planning your next campaign!

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Why is it important to prepare for Black Friday RIGHT NOW?

Black Friday falls on 26th November this year. It’s still weeks away, but you need to gear up as early as now.

Here’s why:

  • In 2019, 39% of consumers checked out their email inbox for information on deals and discounts from their favorite retailers (source: NRF). Note that this figure was pre-pandemic but the numbers were already pretty massive even back then…
  • In 2020, unsurprisingly, COVID-19 pushed even more shoppers to go online as many brick-and-mortar stores remained closed. According to Adobe Analytics, $9.03 billion was spent on Black Friday alone, a 20% increase over 2019’s $7.5 billion!
  • This 2021, banking on the success of previous years, giant retailers like Amazon have already started rolling out their Black Friday deals as early as October!

If you don’t act now, your competitors will steal your customers – and all your potential profit from the biggest sales event of the year!

Email marketing tips to boost your Black Friday sales

Apply these tips below and watch your WooCommerce profits grow not only during flash sales but year-round as well!

1) Start collecting email addresses ASAP

The old cliché “the money is in the list” is true. According to Campaign Monitor, a $1 investment in email marketing can generate up to $38 in revenue – that’s a mindblowing 3700% ROI!

Once you get people signed up to your list, you can market to them over and over again at no extra cost. You also have full control over the type of content you can send to your subscribers.

But since no one will give up their emails voluntarily, you will need to get creative with your ‘lead magnet’ to convince them. You can use an eBook, a discount code, case studies, trial subscription, etc. as your lead magnet.

Here’s Convesio’s lead magnet, a free trial sign up form:

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Remember, the more people you have on your list, the higher your potential profit on mega sales events like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, and more.

So, add your email opt-in forms to your sidebar, header, footer, in the middle of your blog posts, and pop-ups, and start collecting those precious email addresses!

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