Increasing Our Commitment to eCommerce Sites


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As a business, Convesio has continued to grow into one of the best managed WordPress hosts around.  We’ve continually implemented cutting-edge technology, responsive and accessible Slack support, and one-click scalability.  Recently, we’ve added robust AI monitoring for security and additional caching layers specific to eCommerce sites, making them lightning fast for static content – while also able to handle high volumes of dynamic database processing.

Going forward, we intend to continue our focus on eCommerce, LMS, membership, and other types of sites that benefit the most from our premium products and advanced technology. To emphasize this continued focus on providing excellent service to eCommerce, we’re introducing two new pricing pages:

  • Our current pricing page has undergone some changes, with our base plan now being the Starter Business 150. We’ve also added a new tab design for Enterprise and Agency plans. In the near future, we will be discontinuing our $50 plan.
  • Additionally, we’ve developed an Agency-specific pricing page that goes into more detail about the Agency plans.

Needless to say, we’re super excited about continuing to develop as a company and we’ll have some even more exciting news in the near future!

In this Article

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