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Robinson Consulting Eliminates Downtime and Improves PageSpeed by Switching to Convesio

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Published on behalf of Chris Robinson of Robinson Consulting


As an experienced instructional designer and content expert on rehabilitation medicine and orthopedics, I had the opportunity to collaborate with industry leaders to better train clinicians and patients on medical device technologies that are transforming patient outcomes.  While the engineering and development teams behind the product lines were clearly more than capable, the greatest barriers to disseminating information were due to limitations in the online platforms being implemented. Clients often used platforms or developers that leverage proprietary tools or hosting that simply could not keep up with the volume of users and specifications needed to deliver an interactive and engaging learning experience.

Making the Jump:

Limitations of existing websites and offerings made me quickly realize I would need to leverage a platform that could be easily customized and had a large workforce available to support design and implementation, so that I could focus my energy on the training of clinicians.  WordPress became an obviously solution given the incredible number of resources, but it became clear in a short amount of time that the hosting solutions within my client’s price range were not robust enough to handle their needs. In the interim, I resorted to leverage Amazon EC2 and other AWS platforms which provided reasonable performance but pulled me into devops and infrastructure sapping valuable time away from my core product.

In this Article

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