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What we shipped: Growmatik goes out of beta, public API, new dynamic keywords and more


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This blog post is from the archived blog. In 2024, Convesio acquired Growmatik and re-launched it as ConvesioConvert. Learn more about ConvesioConvert.

It’s another month and another wave of exciting news, features and improvements about Growmatik. The most important of which is that after nearly 5 months, Growmatik is going out of the beta phase today. We’ll explain this more in detail below, along with new exciting features such as Growmatik public API, a new range of dynamic keywords to go into builders, time selectors for filters and more. Let’s dig in!

Growmatik is going out of beta today

Since Growmatik was launched on ProductHunt in June, we’ve been hard at work collecting  and getting inspired from our early adopters’ comments, questions and feedback they made in messages, chat conversations and Zoom meetings. We were so lucky to have the opportunity to work with passionate customers who delineated all the things they expect from an automation tool like Growmatik and enlightened our way forward by reporting bugs, missing capabilities and feature requests. With many feedback points reflected, improvements made and new features developed and added during the beta period:

We are now confident that Growmatik is ironed out and ready to go out of beta today and officially take over your marketing and growth automation activities.

What does this mean?

Nothing worrying. This is basically good news for all Growmatik users as the tool they trust to take over the marketing activities has entered a new chapter of maturity and reliability. Going out of beta means the early intention and philosophy behind Growmatik has proved worthy and the many new plans we ideated for it are now even closer on the horizon. Growmatik will continue its constant communication with both existing and new users.

How will Growmatik’s pricing affect your usage?

Growmatik was totally free during the beta period. Users can continue using Growmatik for free with all features as long as the overall usage does not exceed any of the limits for the free plan:

  • 2,000 subscribers
  • 15,000 emails per month
  • 10,000 website visits per month

Once you exceed any of the above limits, Growmatik will calculate and assign the user to the right tier based on your current usage, require you to update your billing details and then start a 1-month free trial on that tier. So:

If you, for example, own an already active website with traffic, subs and email sends that is beyond the free plan limits and are considering Growmatik, you will have a full month to try it out.

At the end of the trial month, Growmatik will automatically set your Pro tier based on your usage during the trial month. In the following months, Growmatik will also check your usage and keep you in the same tier or place you in a different tier if your usage has changed.

Growmatik usage-based pricing will assure you will pay only for what you use.

Growmatik public API is now available

Our moving out of beta comes also with our long-awaited public API. With Growmatik REST API, you can connect Growmatik to your custom marketing or lead generation tools. This API offers unparalleled flexibility and freedom so that you can customize our code according to your specific needs regardless of the other tool you want to use together with Growmatik and seamlessly connect the two.

Integration can be done via minimal code injections according to Growmatik API reference, but we are now working on custom extensions to facilitate code-free integrations with specific tools such as Elementor, Divi, Easy digital downloads and WPFusion. Our goal is to release the custom extensions before the end of the year.

You can find the Growmatik REST API settings in the lower right corner Site settings > Integrations > Growmatik API. 

Dynamic keywords for the Email/Popup Builder and Webpage Personalizer

Dynamic keywords are one of the most important ways to personalize your content to your audience in different marketing channels such as website content, marketing emails and popups. In Growmatik, previously you were able to use a limited range of dynamic keywords such as name, daytime, UTM parameters inside the Webpage Personalizer and Email Builder tools.

Growmatik’s recent range of dynamic keywords include a large variety of keywords from different personal and behavioral categories that you can use to personalize your pages, popups and emails:

Personal activity DKs Referral activity DKs Website & email activity DKs Shopping activity DKs
Username, First Name, Last Name, Full Name UTM source Date signed up First purchase date
Gender UTM medium Average spent time Last purchase date
Phone Number UTM campaign Total spent time Number of purchased items
City, Region, Country UTM term Number of viewed pages Number of orders
Current Date, Weekday & Month UTM content Number of opened emails Number of orders with coupon
    Number of clicked emails Total order value

Time range selector is available in more segmentation filters

The time range selector is now available for filters such as the number of orders, the number of orders with coupon, number of purchased items, order value, top purchased item, purchased product categories, purchased items, landing page and more. Together with the First time/All time/Last time selectors, you can use the time range options in these filter to create more specific segments.

What’s next

Going out of beta will make us even more committed to continuous improvement. We will continue to collect our users’ feedback and ideate features to develop in the next stages – some of which are already in final stages and will be released very soon:

  • Exciting affiliate and referral programs
    We will soon introduce an exciting referral program for those of our users who like to unlock bonuses and discounts as well as a very generous affiliate program to facilitate mutual benefits and growth both for Growmatik and its users.
  • Multiple actions (to build workflows)
    Many of our users have requested a ‘compound actions’ feature for their automation rules. We are working hard to add this option to enable our users to create advanced workflows.
  • Premade automation recipes
    Just to get you onboarded better and faster, Growmatik will soon offer premade automation recipes to enable our users to get started with growth quickly by readymade recipes for different purposes without thinking to ideate them from scratch.
  • Elementor, Divi, WPFusion and more custom integrations
    In addition to our newly-released REST API, we will soon develop custom integrations to help even non-developers connect Growmatik to more tools inside and outside the WordPress space including Elementor, Divi, WPFusion located at the very top of the list.
  • Intelligent growth suggestion 
    Growmatik’s scope of automation is not going to be limited only to build and compose the automation rules. We are hard at work on a new feature that uses AI technology to suggest potential growth tips with predictive analysis and also track the performance of your rules once they are executed to refine and improve them.
  • Non-WooCommerce conversion tracking
    Growmatik aims to facilitate growth in a broad range of platforms. We are working on features to allow track conversions on non-WordPress and non-WooCommerce platforms such as Shopify and Magento or websites with custom-coded technologies such as SaaS businesses.

We are looking forward to seeing our community work with the new features and help us evaluate them and inspire us for future iterations. Being kept up-to-date and informed on your thoughts about our new features after playing around with them will enable us to understand if we’re headed in the right direction and motivate us to move forward with enhanced features and updates for Growmatik. Keep automating!

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