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What we shipped: WP Fusion integration, New form integrations, performance boost for frontend script, new conditions, actions and more


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This blog post is from the archived blog. In 2024, Convesio acquired Growmatik and re-launched it as ConvesioConvert. Learn more about ConvesioConvert.

We’re just two months into 2021 and here we are with another roundup of new improvements and additions to Growmatik. 

Growmatik is now integrated with even more form builders, including Raven, Divi and Beaver Builder. We’ve also released integration with the WP Fusion premium plugin, making unlimited integration with almost any WordPress plugin a breeze. Furthermore, we’ve optimized the  Growmatik frontend script so that your webpage’s performance will not be affected when loading or scrolling. Lastly, we’ll talk about two very useful conditions and actions you can now use in your automations. Let’s dive right in!

Integration with WordPress form builders

Growmatik is now more integrated with your favorite form builders. This allows you to collect new leads directly from WordPress published forms and create new segmentation for each of them. New developments support integration for:

  • Raven
  • Divi
  • Beaver Builder

Let’s break down how this can help you. Raven is a part of the Jupiter X Core plugin, which means it includes widgets that allow you to create contact forms. Integration with Raven means that you can now easily grab form data from Growmatik’s people section. 

Integration with WP Fusion Premium

WP Fusion integrates your WordPress site with many plugins, CRMs or marketing automation platforms inside or outside WordPress space. Growmatik is now compatible with WP Fusion which means you can connect Growmatik to all the tools and plugins that support WP Fusion. A CRM, a lead-generator, an LMS and many more.

You can now simply map any custom attribute in the destination plugin or tool onto Growmatik by adding a new custom attribute via Growmatik’s site settings page. 

When the custom attribute is updated in one tool it will be updated in the other tool as well which means custom attributes across two tools will always be in sync.

It’s also possible to assign tags to each user when WP Fusion imports contacts to Growmatik. But the most interesting thing about Growmatik’s integration with WP Fusion is that it opens up the possibility for infinite integrations with almost any WordPress plugin!

For more information, check out our knowledge base page about WP Fusion integration.

Performance boost for frontend script

The Growmatik team is always working on new ways to improve their product for you, the users. Recently, some users reported performance issues caused by Growmatik that we have since fixed:

  1. Huge bundle size (400 kb)

To reduce bundle size, our developers have:

  • Improved core functionalities of if-then.min.js including: Analytics, Rule Executor, Personalizer Renderer and Popup Renderer.
  • Updated the bundled/compiled script using JavaScript syntax (ES2017) (old browsers like IE10 and below are not supported anymore).
  • Updated Growmatik’s library
  • Optimized Chunk loading script to load Popup Renderer only on demand.

The final bundle size is now just 69 kb without popups, and only 260 kb with Growmatik popups.

Discover new email activity conditions: Email Open & Email Click

New user behavior conditions are now available! You can now automate rules for both leads and customers based on the Email Open and the Email Click options.

The Email Open condition targets people who opened a specific email, whereas the Email Click condition targets anyone who clicked on a link or a CTA button within a specific email. To set an action when Email Open/Email Click conditions are met, simply do the following:

  1. Select the Automation section on the left sidebar.
  2. Click on the Plus icon for your leads or customers and choose the Custom rule.
  3. Choose Email Open or Email Click from the drop-down conditions menu.
  4. Select your preferred Email.
  5. Set the action.
  6. Click on Create Rule.

Here is a practical example of how these conditions can help you upgrade your email campaigns! Suppose that you created a rule to send a welcome email to your new leads:

Now, this is the perfect opportunity to fulfill your campaign by creating another rule. Set User Behavior > Email Open > Welcome email as the condition and Send Email > Discount Coupon as the action.

With this rule you can identify your interested leads and automatically track who has opened your welcome email. You can then send them a discount coupon to draw in more potential customers.

Newly added actions: Add Tag, Remove Tag

You can set Add Tag or Remove Tag as an action for all types of conditions. These two actions are also available for three types of user (guests, leads and customers).

When you create a rule and set the Add Tag / Remove Tag as the action, any contact that meets the condition will be tagged/untagged. You can filter the results in the People section.

This really makes it easy to manage your segmentation. Here’s another practical example:

Let’s say you want to tag your customers whose placed orders have a value greater than $500 and create marketing campaigns for them later. 

First, save a segment for this condition:

  1. Go to the People section and choose All customers from the drop-down menu.
  2. Select +Add Filter > Shopping activity > Order value.
  3. Set the Order value greater than $500 and save it as Loyal Customers.

Then, define a new tag:

  1. Click on your profile picture from the dashboard and select the Site Settings
  2. Navigate to the People data > Tags and click on +Add new tag.
  3. Label your tag as Loyal.

Now, to create a rule for your customers and add a tag:

  1. From the Automation section, click on the Plus icon for customers.
  2. Set the Segment: Loyal Customers as the condition and Add Tag: Loyal as the action.

After you have executed the rule, the customers with the condition you defined will be tagged as Loyal. You can use this group for your future campaigns.

What’s next

This marked some of the most important features that we have added to Growmatik over the last 2 months. If you’re curious about what we have in the works right now, here are some of the highlights.

Chain conditions and actions

This is one of the most anticipated upcoming features for our community. You will soon be able to assign compound actions to your automation rules. For example: 

IF user signed up 
THEN send a welcome email + show a discount popup + personalize homepage + tag them as cold lead

You can also assign chain conditions to your automation. For example:

IF user is from Germany or France or Belgium THEN show euro offer popup

Just wait for this hot feature to come out! It’ll definitely boost your automation building capabilities and help you automate a lot more sophisticated scenarios for your marketing campaigns.

More advanced analytics

The Growmatik reports page and the individual automation performance report will soon be a lot more insightful. Many new useful metrics will soon be available, helping you to better measure your website growth and campaign performance.

Facebook as a new channel 

Helping you automate as many marketing channels as possible via Growmatik has been the raison d’etre of the product from day one. You will soon be able to add Facebook to your marketing automation arsenal. Your segments will be served Facebook ads right from your automation dashboard. Wait for it!

More GDPR features

We will soon be adding a special GDPR and marketing email consent checkbox to your WordPress and WooCommerce sign up and check out forms. This way, you won’t need to manually create GDPR segments for your leads and customers and will be able to easily track and identify the users who gave consent via simple filters in the People section.

With this new round of features released, we can’t wait to see you use them and share your feedback with us. We will continue to listen to our community and respond to suggestions, comments and address concerns in the next round of improvements. 

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