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Web hosts, especially some of the bigger ones like GoDaddy, are catering to the needs of new users. They offer all kinds of features designed to make it easier for anyone to build a site. And, hence, they can capture ever-bigger chunks of the market.

As drag-and-drop platforms like Squarespace and Wix threaten WordPress’ dominance, it’s critical that hosts offer website builders and other tools to make it easier to get online. Together with projects like Gutenberg, these steps toward lowering the barrier of entry, that are essential for ensuring WordPress’ longevity.

Other innovations around security, performance, and auto-updates have also made life easier for users. Particularly those who don’t have the time or know-how to secure or optimize their sites.

Challenges of Managed WordPress Hosting

Despite these innovations, there are two things in the managed WordPress hosting space that are long overdue for a shake-up: capacity and pricing.

The truth is, Managed WordPress Hosting is inefficient and pricing is unfair. Monthly hosting packages offer set resources for monthly fees, even if you use only a fraction of what you’re paying for.

For example, say you wanted to sign up for an account with Flywheel. Their Agency package is $250 per month for 30 sites and 600,000 monthly visitors. The problem is, if you only have 10 sites with 100,000 monthly visitors, you’re leaving all that unused capacity on the table — and wasting money in the meantime. No matter how much capacity you use, you still have to pay the same monthly fee.

For agencies that need hosting for client sites, issues around capacity and pricing are compounded. If you have one client who gets 80,000 visitors a month but 15 other client sites that only get 2,000 visits each, you’ll undoubtedly end up overcharging your smaller clients.

Is it fair that clients should have to pay the same price for hosting, no matter how much capacity they use?

I don’t think so!

Traditional hosting packages with set capacity and pricing have just been accepted as the norm. But at Convesio, we decided it’s about time to turn this out-of-date thinking on its head.

Convesio’s next-generation Managed WordPress Hosting offers container-based hosting that scales with your sites, providing “when you need it” capacity. What’s more, our pay-for-what-you-use pricing ensures you are able to charge clients a fairer price for their hosting.

Managed WordPress Hosting with Capacity “When You Need it”

A few years back when I ran a design agency, I needed to find hosting for my client sites that were redundant, managed backups, and could quickly & easily scale without costing an arm and a leg. But I couldn’t find any that could make sure clients’ sites wouldn’t go down.

What I found was only a couple of providers. But they were way too expensive to put any small to medium business on at $400 a month for one site. Most agencies simply can’t afford that kind of expense for high-availability redundancy.

But this is exactly the kind and quality I knew agencies needed. And I wanted to offer it to small and medium businesses. And that’s why we built Convesio.

How Convesio’s Managed WordPress Hosting Can auto-scale your business?

Convesio provides “when you need it” capacity. We’ve built our container-based WordPress hosting architecture so that it can grow with your business and scale when you need it. As your client sites grow and need more resources and capacity, Convesio’s load balancing elastically scales. Ensuring your sites always have the resources they need, even at a moment’s notice.

For agencies, there’s no need to configure load balancers, Docker containers, database clusters, or even get in touch to upgrade your hosting. Convesio automates the entire process. It makes it simple and seamless to horizontally scale out your client sites.

Our pricing is also simple: you pay for what you use. If you have a client site that needs 10 containers, you pay for 10 containers. And if you have another client that only needs one container, you pay for 1 container.

We’ve also designed our dashboard to help you easily manage each of your client sites. And see at a glance how much capacity your sites are using.

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