Scaling WordPress to Handle the Largest WordPress Virtual Conference

April 5, 2021 | By Tom Fanelli | No Comments
April 5, 2021
By Tom Fanelli

No Comments
It's astounding that we transferred 47TB of traffic over two days - Andrew Palmer

Learn how Convesio helped Atarim serve 2M+ requests to 6K visitors from 91 countries in two days.

In this video Atarim (WP Feedback) founder Vito Peleg discusses with Tom Fanelli, CEO of Convesio how they scaled their infrastructure to meet demand of the WP Agency Summit 2021.

The platform handled 47TB of traffic and 3,000 queries per second, driven by 500K chat refresh requests and maintaining good level performance.

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Tom Fanelli
Over my career, I have worked in both small business and Fortune 500 companies. I have had the honor of being a presenter for organizations like Microsoft, Intuit, Sage Software, RealPage, NARPM, NAA, and the Small Business Administration. Most recently I completed my first ebook, Infographics in Action, which teaches exactly how to create and market with infographics. Currently, I work in San Francisco and reside in the bay area with my wife and four children. Feel free to drop me a line, I would love to hear from you!
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  • 03:49 - Tom introduces Convesio and explains why planning is important
  • 07:14 - The numbers: requests and visits over a two-day period
  • 11:31 - Load testing to understand how to set up your hosting
  • 14:54 - Learning from last year's mistakes
  • 17.49 - Load testing - determining concurrency
  • 22:21 - The new version of the Convesio dashboard
  • 31:44 - Two ways you can scale with Convesio
  • 38.03 - Scale of the conference


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