Announcing a Partnership Between Atarim and Convesio


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We have some brand new announcements to make, both involving Atarim. Atarim is an innovative company that specializes in improving communication between agencies and their clients. Their cutting-edge software streamlines the process of communicating with clients by allowing them to simply “click and comment” on a web page and leave suggestions, comments, or other requests. This saves agencies valuable time and resources and allows them to avoid emailing screenshots back and forth.


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Our new partnership with Atarim makes it easy for Convesio users to access the Atarim toolset from within the Convesio dashboard. If you’re an agency hosting client sites with Convesio, this will dramatically speed up your work process and make it more efficient.

So, how is Convesio working with Atarim? In two exciting ways:

Access Atarim from the Convesio Dashboard

Firstly, Atarim is now integrated directly with Convesio. This integration allows you to quickly access Atarim from inside Convesio’s dashboard, making it easy to discuss website changes with clients. You can open the Atarim toolset in just one click. Next to your site listings, you’ll now see an icon resembling a chat bubble underneath the “Collaborate” column. Click on this icon to immediately open Atarim for that website.


Convesio is a Sponsor of the Upcoming Web Agency Summit

Secondly, Convesio will be a sponsor of the upcoming Web Agency Summit, which is organized by Atarim. The Web Agency Summit is one of the largest online WordPress events, filled with insightful tips, tricks, and strategies for scaling your freelancing business or web agency. If you want to grow your agency and get more clients, it’s a must-attend event.

Convesio isn’t just a sponsor, however: we’re also running the entire livestream infrastructure. Our expertise in auto-scaling WordPress under heavy traffic loads makes our infrastructure a natural choice for any event that wants to keep video streams running smoothly.

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