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In this article, you’ll learn how to use the Send Email action in ConvesioConvert. Setting up this action in an automation allows you to send an email once the automation triggers.

Subject line

In this step, you enter a subject line for your email. There are three buttons next to the subject input to help create more personalized, interesting and effective subject lines.

Emojis: You can add emojis to the email subject using the emoji button. In some cases, using emojis in email subjects can help grab users’ attention.

Personalize: Using this button you can add dynamic keywords to subject lines. For example, you can add “recipient first name” to the subject line. Personalized email subjects likely increase the chance of users’ engagement with your email.

Write With AI: By clicking this button, you can leverage ConvesioConvert’s advanced generative AI to craft more compelling email subject lines. When submitting your request in the provided field, it is recommended to begin your sentence with “Write an email subject…”.

Sender and Reply-to emails

If you prefer to use an email address other than your default address, you have the option to utilize custom email addresses.

ConvesioConvert Email Types

There are two types of emails in ConvesioConvert to choose as an action: Transactional and Commercial.

Recipients have to opt in to receive marketing emails, which include emails such as notifications for new products or newsletters. It’s recommended that you provide users with the option to opt out of this type of email whenever they want.

Transactional emails are the result of a specific action that the recipient has made while interacting with your business. For example, the email you send to your customer after they place an order count as a transactional email.

When a user has just registered with ConvesioConvert, the transactional email type is not active so the user cannot see or choose it as an email type. In order to send transactional emails, the user’s account should meet two conditions:

Transactional email send requirement:

  • The account shouldn’t be marked as bad reputed.
    (Note: If a user’s failed emails exceed 5% and complaint emails exceed 0.1% of total emails, the user’s account will be marked as a bad reputed in ConvesioConvert. In this case, the user will be blocked from email services for 24 hours.)
  •  Users should have sent at least 5000 marketing emails from that account in one day.


In this step, you design and create the content of the email.

  1. Click on the Design Email button.
  2. Choose a pre-defined template or start from scratch.
  3. Create the email content using drag and drop editor and click on the Save button when it is finished.

Resend this email each time this automation is triggered

Uncheck this option, if you aim to send this email only the first time a person triggers the automation.


This setting allows you to set specific timeframes during which the email will be sent to your audience.

Updated on July 15, 2024

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