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Email warm up scheme


In this article, you will learn about ConvesioConvert’s email warm up scheme, sending conditions and behavior. This document contains the following information:

  • What is email warm up?
  • Who counts as a restricted user in ConvesioConvert?
  • ConvesioConvert Email types
  • How to send transactional emails

What is email warm up?

ConvesioConvert email warm up is the process by which tenants can gain a reputation and eventually be able to send more emails per hour or day, as well as transactional emails. There is a ceiling on the number of emails that a new user can send via ConvesioConvert – both an hourly and daily limitation – as shown in the table below:

LevelHourly limitCycle limit
Level 150500
Level 21001,000
Level 32002,000
Level 45005,000
Level 51,00010,000
Level 62,00020,000
Level 75,00050,000
Level 810,000100,000
Level 920,000200,000
Level 1050,000500,000
ConvesioConvert Email Standing Table

Each user starts from level 1. Anytime they reach their daily quota, that user will be moved to the next level. For example, whenever a user sends at least 500 emails in one day for the first time – to real recipients – then the user’s reputation will move up to level 2 and so on.

✍️ Note

For Trial users, there is a limit of sending 100 emails daily.

Who counts as a restricted user in ConvesioConvert?

Whenever an email campaign is sent and one or both of these situations occur, ConvesioConvert will send an email to the users to let them know that their email sending is restricted:

  • The failed email or bounce rate exceeds 5% of the total sent emails from the last campaign.
  • The complaint rate exceeds 0.1% of the total sent emails from the last campaign.

This will result in a hold being placed on their email sending capacity. If you are experiencing this problem, you should first perform a check on your email list for invalid addresses, and then contact ConvesioConvert support (on your ConvesioConvert dashboard, click your profile picture and select Contact Support).

ConvesioConvert Email Types

There are two types of emails in ConvesioConvert to choose as an action: 

  • Commercial
  • Transactional

Commercial emails are messages sent by businesses to a large group of subscribers or potential customers with the aim of promoting brand awareness, generating leads, or encouraging them to purchase a product or service.

These emails are typically designed to showcase a product or service, include images and graphics, and may contain a call-to-action (CTA) to entice recipients to click through to the website or landing page.

On the other hand, transactional emails are triggered by specific actions or events, such as a purchase confirmation, a password reset request, or a subscription confirmation. Transactional emails provide important information to the recipient and are often personalized and targeted to the individual user. They may include details such as order confirmations, shipping updates, and receipts.

How to send transactional emails

After a tenant registers and wants to send emails via the ConvesioConvert email action, both commercial and transactional email types are enabled. To send a transactional email, select its type from the “What is the main purpose of this email?” drop-down menu located in the Action step of an automation rule or workflow.

Updated on July 11, 2024

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