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What’s new with WordPress? A look at the cutting-edge of WordPress innovation.


IPv4 vs IPv6: A Comprehensive Comparison of Internet Protocols

What makes the Internet actually work? Protocols. The Internet is largely dependent on the protocols that govern its operation. Among these protocols, ...
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Our New Knowledge Base is Now Live

We have some exciting news for Convesio customers: our new Knowledge Base is now live! You can visit it by navigating to ...

Why WordPress Container-Based Hosting is the Future

Using Docker or Kubernetes for hosting is relatively new, but it has already made waves in the hosting world. Though it’s often ...

How AI is Changing the Web Hosting World For Good & Why Convesio is Embracing This New Tech

As in other industries, artificial intelligence is transforming web hosting for good. With the help of AI and Machine Learning, companies can solve complex performance, ...
What Exactly Are Cipher Suites

What Are Cipher Suites And Its Impact On Security

Configuration of cipher suites is often overlooked by many working in the web hosting and development industry. At Convesio we recently helped a client remove ...
Is WordPress Scalable Or Not

How Scalable Is WordPress for High Traffic Websites?

WordPress itself and the technologies required to run WordPress have matured over the years. In this post we answer the question "Is WordPress Scalabe?" and ...
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How to Set Up a Scalable WordPress Site in Under a Minute

Hint: you’ll need to be hosting WordPress on Convesio.
Website Accessibility is Now Simple Yet Powerful

Website Accessibility is Now Simple Yet Powerful

Is your Website accessible? How to maintain accessible websites for the widest possible audience across the spectrum?
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Cloudflare Workers For WordPress

A brief introduction to Cloudflare Workers and how they can help improve the performance of a WordPress website
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All of WordPress’ Problems Can Be Solved with Non-Terrible Hosting

Two of the biggest WordPress problems are speed and security – and I bet you’ve experienced both of these issues. WordPress is notoriously slow, often ...
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Docker Hosting for WordPress: What It Is, How It Works, And Why It Makes Sense

Docker is helping speed up innovation in a slow-moving industry
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Scaling WordPress for Startups

With website builders like Wix and Squarespace becoming more sophisticated and adding features, founders have more options for building their websites.
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Why 800+ WordPress Believers Invested Over $1M in a New Approach To Hosting WordPress

At Convesio, we’re changing the WordPress hosting game for good. We’re here to challenge legacy hosting solutions, with their outdated shared and Virtual Private Server ...
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How Scaling Out is the Future for WordPress Hosting

When I was running my design agency a few years back, I spent a lot of my downtime working. You know the drill, customers calling ...
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Managed WordPress Hosting with Flexible Capacity

Managed WordPress hosting is a maturing space where there’s a lot of change and innovation happening — at least on the face of it.
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Zero Points of Failure with Convesio’s Scalable Hosting

When clients are paying your agency top dollar to maintain their sites — essentially entrusting you with their online businesses — let me tell you, ...
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