How to Set Up a Scalable WordPress Site in Under a Minute

July 26, 2021 | By Lawrence Ladomery | No Comments
July 26, 2021
By Lawrence Ladomery

No Comments
Try Convesio and get a taste of what the future of WordPress hosting looks like -- Lawrence Ladomery

Hint: you’ll need to be hosting WordPress on Convesio.

This is the culmination of months of work by our engineers to solve some very difficult technical challenges (which someone smarter than me will cover in another post). In short, with Convesio you can set and manage a true Scalable WordPress Site via our upgraded dashboard.

You can set the minimum and a maximum number of containers for a website to run on as well as the resource thresholds that trigger scaling. You can scale a website manually too.

Before I show you how to set up a scalable WordPress website, let me explain what true auto-scaling is. Admittedly, there are different approaches to achieve auto-scaling and other providers do a good job at that. Convesio's approach is unique, though:

  • Convesio scales websites by deploying and removing Docker containers on the fly when additional resources are needed
  • Containers deploy horizontally across physical servers too. This means that if a server is full, the next container will be deployed to another one.

The platform was architected to support this right from the start. Check out the features for more detail about how it all works.

With the new release of our dashboard, you now have the DIY controls to set up and manage a highly scalable hosting environment for your WordPress site. We get a lot of customers telling us that setting upscaling on other platforms takes hours or even days and that there is always a negotiation with Sales. By the time additional resources are added, they are not needed anymore.

The (use) case for auto-scaling WordPress

If you’re running a personal blog or even a low-traffic brochure company website it’s unlikely that you’ll need scaling. Just sign up with a decent shared hosting provider and get a CDN to handle any heavy lifting.

If downtime or slow-loading pages impacts your business then you should host on a platform that can help mitigate those risks. The types of businesses that fall in this category are:

  • WooCommerce stores are happily sitting on a VPS until a Black Friday-type event happens.
  • eLearning and membership sites that need to handle large volumes of logins and interactions on a schedule
  • Event sites like the WP Agency Summit 2021 which we hosted (check this video to learn how we did it)
  • Agencies building client websites and landing pages that need to handle campaign traffic
  • Publishers needing extra grunt for all the scripts they run and wanting to avoid the pain of a slow WordPress admin

Convesio attracts a type of persona too: owners, marketers, and IT managers that want to avoid dealing with hosting altogether. They are after a solid solution and a partner they can trust.

Auto-scaling in action

Here’s a video we put together to show auto-scaling in action. Website load testing as part of this process to simulate traffic and trigger the spawning of new containers which will share the load.

Lawrence Ladomery
My first job in digital was back in 1998 and have worked for all kinds of organizations, from startups to Government, agencies and businesses of all shapes and sizes. I've been using WordPress 12 years but fell in love with it in 2017 when I started working in the web hosting space and getting to know the community. I am also a big fan of Elementor and run the Elementor Melbourne Meetup.
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Introducing Managed WordPress Scaling

Convesio is the only platform where you can set up a highly scalable WordPress website in under two minutes. No SysAdmin required - set up and manage scaling via an easy-to-use dashboard.


How to set up auto-scaling in Convesio

You can do this in under a minute. Literally.

1. Selecting the right plan and environment

All of our plans offer to scale so this step is about choosing the right one for your WordPress website and the resources you need.

The latest release introduced options for different types of environments and databases. This is useful for those running configurations that require specific tech.

Screenshot of Convesio's plan selection UI

2. Enable auto-scaling

Autoscaling is disabled by default but you can enable it with a single click.

Next, you can set the Auto Scaling Expandability Range -- the minimum and a maximum number of containers for WordPress to run on.

Screenshot of the Convesio dashboard screen where you can enable auto scaling

You can also access Auto Scaling Logs from this page.

3. Advance auto-scaling settings

You can trigger scaling events on CPU, Memory, or PHP Worker usage based on averages across all containers or when thresholds are met for a single one.

For example, you can set a scaling up event based on CPU usage being above 80% for 10 minutes, and then scale down when it hits 50% or under for more than 5.

Set an Autoscaling cooldown period to delay scaling events.

Screenshot of Convesio's dashboard screen for setting advanced options for auto scaling

4. The WordPress Containers tab

This is a view of all active containers running.

Screenshot of Convesio's dashboard showing container deployment

If you head back to the overview page you can see a list of both active and terminated containers.

Give it a go! Set up a test WordPress website and scale it

It couldn’t be easier: we offer a free 30-day trial and you don’t need a credit card to sign up either.

So try Convesio and get a taste of what the future of WordPress hosting looks like.

You will also get a feel for Convesio’s speed. Convesio runs on Google Cloud and Steadfast, which are both geared for high performance. As is our platform: one of the side effects, so to speak, of using Docker and designing for a ‘speed first architecture is that WordPress loads very fast, including the admin side.


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